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♕ Spring 2017 Most Played ♕

Today's is summer solstice aka summer is officially here! Although it has already been feeling like summer since the end of May XD The beach season has begun - or, in my case, the mermaid season... But today I'm going to look back on this past spring - as it's time to wrap up the Spring Most Played and see what I've used the most during these past three months!

As always, all credits for the Most Played idea go to GoldenVi0let ♥

Let's start with a big new entry in my stash that has become a holy grail almost instantaneously. Last April, Kat Von D has finally launched her beauty brand in Italy, which is now available at Sephora (both online and in the shops)... And, among other things, there was one product I wanted to try (I even mentioned it in my Prodotti Prova post): the well-know and much praised Tattoo Liner in "Trooper".
O-M-G. I don't know how to express how much I love this eyeliner. Basically, it's my dream liner. I love everything about it, I've been using it non-stop since day 1 and I think I couldn't live without it.
I'm working on a blog post about this beauty , so stay tuned!

Here's another huge and much loved new entry in my stash. Thanks to a lovely friend, I'm the proud possessor of 16 pressed glitter by GlitterTubes. I'm sure you have noticed them, I've been using them in every single look since I got them, about one month and a half ago.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Minted, Emerald, Splash, Droplets;
Twinkle, Aquatic, Skinny Dip, Dory;
Sonic, Delicate, Fairy, Chewee;
Brassic, Crown, Darling, Fireball

I'm seriously addicted to these glitters! Cannot wait to get more, although I already own a bunch. Being pressed, they're easier to use - most of the times I don't even need the glitter glue. If you want to read more, I highly recommend to check out my overview/haul post!

Here are some of the many, many makeup looks I made using these glitters! 
Click on the picture to be redirected to its blog post ♥

Sunlight Double Cut Crease Tiny Heart Liner Ocean Waves

Makeup Geek Cosmetics eyeshadows: I'm not going to focus that much on them, since there's no new entry (sigh! I need to get more, they're SO good!). In the following picture you can see all the shades I own, I've been using them all equally - especially the matte ones. The quality is amazing, great colour payoff - plus they're so easy to blend. You can read my overview post here

(Picture from my Winter Most Played)

Here are some of my most recent makeup looks I made with MUG eyeshadows. 
Click on the picture to be redirected to its blog post ♥

Summer Cut Crease Moonlight Cut Crease Emeralds are a Mermaid's Best Friend

NABLA Cosmetics eyeshadows: here's my "spring palette", featuring my most used shades by this brand. All long time favourites, basically! *_* (I actually got a couple of new shadows, but since it's a very recent purchase I'll feature them in the Summer Most Played).

Here are some of my most recent makeup looks I made with NABLA eyeshadows. 
Click on the picture to be redirected to its blog post ♥

Mermaids & Unicorns Curved Liner 2.0 Floating Liner

Let's see some more long time favourites!

Shade&Glow in Angel, "Baby Glow" and "Gotham" by NABLA Cosmetics: my go-to products to highlight and contour my face - although I've been using Angel and Baby Glow as eyeshadows too, to highlight my inner corners. I still regret not buying Jasmine, the third highlighter, need to fill this gap.

Dazzle Liner in "Klimt" by NABLA Cosmetics (Goldust Collection, limited edition - here's its dedicated post!): told you it would have been featured in future most played XD I'm still obsessed with it - and disappointed that it's a limited edition, once again (although it's still available). Shame on your cow Nabla, Klimt deserved to be permanent!

My most used lipstick was/is Alter Ego by NABLA Cosmetics: I try to use all my Diva Crimes alternately - but the one I keep reaching for (no matter the occasion or the season) is Alter Ego. 
Here's a lip art I made for fun, I used Alter Ego and Klimt ♥

Last but not least, blushes. Just like the lipsticks, I have four Blossom Blushes by NABLA (Kendra, Impulse, Beloved and Daisy) and I do my best to use them alternately... But the one that stole my heart one year ago and still holds a special place in my heart is Impulse
I've been also using a lot a blush by Mulac Cosmetics in the shade "Ariel" (it was a present and yes, it was chosen because of its name XD). It's a strong colour - meaning, extremely pigmented - so I had to get used to it... At the beginning I was so afraid to overdo... That I always ended up not applying enough XD. Now I got it though, and I really like this product!

That's it for my spring most played/used/loved products! ♥
Any products in common?
What products did you use the most during this past spring?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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