lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

♕ Halloween 2016 ♕ Dark Little Mermaid ♕

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I'm going to show you the last look I made to celebrate Halloween 2016 - the final one in this small series of non-creepy, non-spooky and non-bloody makeup looks XD

This is the most recent and new look I made for the disneyncolor makeup challenge that takes places on Instagram every month. This time they chose the Dark Disney Princesses theme - to my great relief, did I mention I'm not into scary looks? XD
Unfortunately I had a crazy busy week and I couldn't do them all, but at the same time I couldn't skip my favourite princess - no matter what.

I've already done a Dark Princess Ariel look less than one year ago (here it is!), so this time I decided to go for a Dark Little Mermaid look - same character, same princess, different versions ;D 

sabato 29 ottobre 2016

♕ Halloween 2016 ♕ Joker ~ Suicide Squad ♕

When I was asked to do Harley Quinn's inspired look, I knew I had to do also a Joker inspired look - they're "the King and Queen of Gotham City", after all. Also, I liked Jared Leto's Joker a lot - definitely my favourite Joker so far - sooo I couldn't leave him out u.u
And, since Halloween is approaching so fast, I thought this could be part of this year's Halloween series ;D

venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

♕ Halloween 2016 ♕ Harley Quinn ~ Suicide Squad ♕

Second Halloween look, featuring a trending character that is surely going to be one of the most popular Halloween costume this year: Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie!
This was requested on Instagram by one of my followers, which really made me happy - I love requests and had so much fun creating this look! 

martedì 25 ottobre 2016

♕ Halloween 2016 ♕ Mermaid Look ♕

I've just realized that Halloween is right around the corner - and I haven't posted any of the related looks I planned yet! D: And I have, like, 4 makeup I put aside to celebrate Halloween - plus one more unreleased on my Instagram yet. And now I have less than one week left. Greeeeat.

Okay, enough with this rant. Let's start this small Halloween series!
As I said, I made some of these looks during the past months - and then saved them for Halloween. Must say, I'm not into creepy, bloody and scary looks - I'm really sensitive, even though I know it's just fake blood and wax I get scared by SFX looks XD So, sorry in advance if my makeup looks might result a little too "quiet" for Halloween XD

I made today's look during the 100 Days of Make Up challenge back on May, inspired by an amazing mermaid makeup by lucinda212 on Instagram (check her out, she's beyond skilled and talented!). 

domenica 23 ottobre 2016

♕ Jewel Eyeliner ♕
{100 Days of Make Up ~ Day 33}

During the 100 Days of Make Up Challenge I learnt to experiment and play with makeup like I never did in the past. I tried different techniques and styles - sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing. I also learnt to improvise, even on those days when I had zero idea and inspiration. The makeup look I'm going to show you today was born on one of those days... And turned out pretty cool! I used crystals to create a jewel eyeliner - hence the title!

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

♕ Summer Most Played ♕

I haven't written any Most Played post during the last year - shame on me, shame on my cow. I don't even know why, these kind of posts are so fun to write and also to read. Anyway, after the longest time ever, I finally managed to put together and post one - yay me! #Teammostplayed power u.u

Before we get started, I want to explain how I'm going to handle & schedule my Most Played posts from now on. I'd love to post monthly like I used to - and like it is supposed to be - but I seem unable to do so (meaning that I tend to procrastinate and end up with two/three months piled up). Also I don't switch products that often, and when it happens it depends on new launches, personal necessities... Thus, I may not have new stuff to include each month - resulting in not-so-exciting posts.
That being said, I decided to post one Most Played every three months: basically it'll became a seasonal appointment where I'll gather all the products I used the most - both favourites and non favourites, mind you. I think this schedule will work better for me, let's start this new adventure with my Summer Most Played (I know I'm waaay late with this, but better later then never right?)

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

♕ The Mermaid Series ♕ Dark Siren Eyes ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Mermaid Collection}

Today's makeup is the last one I made using only the eyeshadows from the Mermaid Collection by NABLA Cosmetics - don't worry though, this series is not ended at all! I will never, never run out of mermaid looks ;D

This final look features deep shades, bright eyeliner, both sparkly and matte shadows - makes me think of sirens, dangerous enchantresses of the deepest and darkest seas. I'm so excited to be able to finally post it here, I love this makeup so much *_*

venerdì 14 ottobre 2016

♕ Nabla Cosmetics ~ Brow Universe ♕ Brow Pot & Brow Divine ♕
{Overview, Swatches, First Impressions}

{Disclaimer: this post is a first impressions/preview about a product I got for free as press sample. I'd like to thank NABLA Cosmetics for the opportunity, anyway my evaluation policy doesn't change and is always based on real usage of the product(s)}

Over the last one year and a half I became very interested in eyebrows, I gradually learnt how to shape and define them - mainly by using a pencil, but I also used eyeshadows for a short amount of time. Now, doing my eyebrows is a step in my daily routine I never, never skip. 
So, needless to say, when NABLA Cosmetics announced the upcoming launch of their new eyebrow product I rejoiced right away! (They already have a brow product in their range actually - the Brow Divine pencils - but I can't relay on those because there's no shade for red hairs, sadly.)

And I got even more excited when I learnt that this new product was a cream - perfect timing, as I'm using up my currently brow pencil and I was taking into consideration switching to cream/gel.
Please welcome the new Brow Pot range, a brow cream that features a waterproof and long-lasting formula.

venerdì 7 ottobre 2016

♕ Peacock Eyes ♕
{100 Days of Make Up ~ Day 29}

Today I'm going to start posting again some of the make up I created for the 100 Days of Make Up Challenge - I knew I said I wanted to write a blog post for each one, but I soon realized that it was pretty much a mission impossible. For two reasons: first, the huge amount of time needed to post one hundred different looks; second, I keep doing new looks almost every day or so - meaning that if I focus only on this "old" series I'd leave behind the newer ones. And so on.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to catch up quickly - so I did a massive selection, keeping just an handful of looks to post here. I really hope to go through them in a couple of months at most. 

Let's get started with today's look - as you can tell, inspired by a peacock feather!

martedì 4 ottobre 2016

♕ The Mermaid Series ♕ Aquamarine ♕

I'm baaack! And so is The Mermaid Series! *_*
I'm sorry for the lack of posts last week, but I spent my spare time planning and re-planning my blog schedule - I've plenty of makeup looks, plus empties, summer favourites/most played and many reviews to post, but I had to sort them out a bit due to my decision to write in English only from now on.

Today I'm going to show you another mermaid makeup, this time inspired by the well-known mermaid movie Aquamarine. No need to say that is one of my favourite movies in the whole world :p

"We are not fictional! We're just discreet!"