lunedì 28 agosto 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Glitter Rain ♕

This summer is really full of new products - which I either bought myself, received as a present from family or received as pr samples - I'm doing my best to show you guys everything XD In the previous post I showed you a look I specifically design to try an eyeliner by NYX - but I created today's look to try some loose glitters I got last month. These are from Glitter Palace - another UK based brand which I discovered through Instagram. The ones I got are all "chunky" - not fine, dust-like: they feature different shapes (circles, hexagons, stars...) and sizes (from dust to really big ones); can you tell I'm a little obsessed with glitters lately? XD Anyway, I really wanted to do a highly glittering look and that's what I came up with! ♥ 

lunedì 21 agosto 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Moon's Reflection ♕

Today's look is one of my favourite out of my most recent ones: I created it specifically to try out a couple of products: first of all, one of the new shades from the new Freedomination collection by NABLA Cosmetics - Freestyler. It really intrigued me, so I decided to make a look where it could stand out. Also, I wanted to test the Epic Ink Liner by NYX Cosmetics I recently got in a PR package; it has great feedback so I was so curious to see if it was worth the hype (spoiler: yes, it is! *_*).
Although not having any specific idea (I basically created it as I went) it turned out sooo pretty and dreamy, I love it ♥

lunedì 14 agosto 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Unicorn Make Up ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection}

After tons and tons and tons of mermaid looks, about three weeks ago or so I decided it was time to make a unicorn make up - just for a change XD Nothing too crazy or graphical, I wanted it to be a very simple look - yet colourful and sparkly. I used a lot of shades from the Freedomination Collection by NABLA Cosmetics (my overview posts are here: part 1 and part 2) and quite some glittersssss XD

lunedì 7 agosto 2017

♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Alternative Mermaid Look ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection}

Happy mermaid Monday everyone! :D

Today's mermaid look is quite unique and definitely showy! I've seen something similar by two artists on Instagram (@makeupbyjanedoe and @azraelia) and, as usual, I decided to give this look a try! It was a great occasion to use some shadows from the new Freedomination Collection by NABLA Cosmetics which, as I've already said many times, gives mermaid vibes. (Here are my overview posts - part 1 and part 2 - about this beautiful collection!)

The thing I love the most is the original fin design - that feels partly mermaid, partly dragon, but also looks like its flowing weightlessly in the water *__* Like some of those fishes which have these huge, thin, ethereal, flow-y fins ♥

giovedì 3 agosto 2017

♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Ocean & Pearls ♕

Today's look is one of my fave I've recently done! I couldn't wait to show it to you :D
I think I adore it so much because it has everything I love: winged eyeliner, glitters, some of my favourite colours, it gives mermaid vibes and also features a technique I'm currently obsessed with. Keep reading to discover which one I'm talking about - although the pictures are quite self explanatory XD