martedì 31 ottobre 2017

♕ Halloween 2017 ♕ The Joker ♕
{Feat. Glitter Palace}

Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Can't believe it's already October 31st, time really flies! Let's celebrate with a themed look - not the spookiest, not the creepiest and probably not the most original... But when I received the Halloween glitter collection by Glitter Palace, I saw that one of them was named after the Joker... And I knew I had to do a reboot look for this Halloween!

This look is very special to me because it's the very first one that 'features' my recent investment - my ring light. Since I've moved, I've been struggling with the lighting - to the point I realized that I had to buy one if I wanted to keep up my work on both this blog and my Instagram page. I definitely can tell the difference, can you as well? :D

giovedì 26 ottobre 2017

♕ Part of my World ~ Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadows ♕

Before leaving for makeup school, I got one of the most amazing present ever: twelve Sugarpill eyeshadows. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been admiring their eyeshadows for ages: they have amazing feedbacks, their price point is good (especially since the pans are so big) and they really look simply stunning. So you can imagine my excitement when I got them! *_* I’ve been playing with them for a while, so this is not going to be just a plain haul post, because I'll be also including my first impressions about these shadows. 

venerdì 20 ottobre 2017

♕ Halloween 2017 ♕ Bat Wing Eyeliner ♕
{Feat. Glitter Palace}

I've just realized Halloween is only 11 days away - so I decided to put the other looks waiting in the drafts on hold and to go ahead with the Halloween series. I've done only one look so far - aka this one (apart from the Disney Villains looks which are kind of an Instagram exclusive as of now) - but I thought it was better to start right away! Also because next week I'm going to post only hauls probably (the Sugarpill one and the NABLA one). So without any further ado, let's get started!

This year's Halloween series will feature Glitter Palace's Halloween Collection* and also the new That's the Point* eyeliners by NYX Professional Makeup - which I received just recently! As you can imagine, the glitters are all fit for Halloween - while the eyeliners, with their different tip sizes and shapes, are perfect to design and draw basically everything.
I plan to do as many makeup looks as I can using all of these products... So I have to run, time flies! *tick tock*

lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Mermaid Tail ♕

Happy mermaid Monday everyone :D

Today's look is probably the most difficult I've ever done so far! It's inspired by a look/mini tutorial by @giuliannaa on Instagram - whenever I see mermaid tails/flukes/scales I have to try those looks as soon as possible XD Althought - spoiler - I decided to recreate my own tail/fluke, so this look is so me - more than ever! *_*
I was (and I still am) extremely satisfied with this look, because it features all my favourite colours, glitters, and of course it's mermaid themed... But it was SO challenging and tiresome to make! Totally worth it, though: it's mesmerizing!
On a side note, I think it could be a nice Halloween makeup idea, especially if you're not into creepy/scary makeup looks (like me XD). 

lunedì 9 ottobre 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Purple Rain ♕
{Feat. Freedomination Collection}

If I'd have to name one of my favourite looks I've made in the last couple of month, I'll surely name this one immediately! I love everything about this look ♥__♥
And to think that I was going for "something simple" - I wanted to try this particular eyeliner style (inspired by the amazing @SwayzeMorgan on Instagram) that is really rock and bold... But I ended up doing this purple look with tons and tons of glitters XD

sabato 7 ottobre 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Sunset Eyes ♕

Today's look features a pretty classic inspiration - sunset! I think everyone, sooner or later, does at least one sunset inspired look during their life. Which is pretty understandable - I mean, sunsets/sunrises are gorgeous, with all their beautiful shades and vibes.
I'm sure I've done at least one sunset inspired look in the past - but this one is different in many ways: first of all, is almost completely matte (gasp!) and features a graphic liner on both lids.

mercoledì 4 ottobre 2017

♕ Haul Lush ♕
{Repurchasing my long time favourites after years!}

What happens when your hometown's beloved Lush shop closes down and, about three years later, you move to a city that gives you access to Lush shops again? ;D

Story-time: I was extremely sad when the only one Lush shop in my hometown (and in the whole Sicily, actually) closed down two years and a half ago. I've tried so many Lush products in the past, loved a lot of them - but I also disliked some; I had several favourites and, when the shop closed, I kind of felt lost. I know, Lush has its own website and I could buy from there - but I was just too used to go to the shop, smell everything, try on stuff and be spoiled by the staff... I mean, who doesn't love to go to a Lush shop and be pampered? It's a whole different experience than just simply sitting down and buying online, if you know what I mean.
Long story short: I basically gave up. Sounds crazy, I know - but apart from some sporadic, small orders with a friend (Fede ♥), I simply quit and switched to different brands and products...

...Until a couple of weeks ago!
As I said a couple of posts back, I've recently moved to attend a makeup school - no wait, I think I stated I was attending makeup school but I didn't add that I also moved. Oh well, know you know XD Anyway, now I have access to Lush shops again and I literally dived into it. Headfirst.
And so here I am with a Lush haul for you guppies, after almost three years!