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♕ Part of my World ♕ Nabla Cosmetics ~ Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette ♕
{First Impressions, Swatches, Comparisons}

When NABLA Cosmetics announced they were going to release their first eyeshadow palette, the hype skyrocketed right away in less than a second. Their eyeshadows are always been extremely appreciated by both makeup enthusiasts and pro makeup artists, so no wonder that this palette was such a success! 

The Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette debuted on October 18th and it sold out in just a couple of days - quite a record. It hasn't been restocked yet, and there's not a restock date either - which is the main reason why I didn't post my impressions earlier. I took my time to try each shade - not only on myself, but on other people too. I've used this palette a lot in class and tested it on several skin types and different complexions, so I've quite a clear idea about this palette now ;D

"The Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect balance between Fantasy, Elegance and Practicality."

This palette shares the same starred packaging of the Dreamy Liquid Lipsticks - gold stars, moons and constellations over a black background. It comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging (with a thinner, secondary one that I actually kept so it protects the palette while it's in my quite crowded makeup kit). The gold serigraphies, inserts and detailing really add a precious touch to the whole packaging, making it really classy and elegant. 
It has a magnetic closure - which I love, I'm a master in getting my freshly-painted fingernails stuck in every closure, so the magnet is a life-saver ;D

Once opened, the 'shell' reveals a big, high-quality mirror in the upper half - which is a real mirror, not one of those useless plastic ones that sometimes come in lower quality palettes. So be careful, it's real glass and thus it could shatter if you drop the palette (and that's why I kept the cardboard case, so I now it wouldn't open up on it own when I carry it around in my kit).
The lower half of the packaging holds the twelve square eyeshadow pans, organized in three rows, and each pan contains slightly less than 1 gram of product.

This palette's shadows feature two brand new textures plus one relatively new and much loved already - I'm talking about the Super Matte texture, which debuted with the Freedomination Collection this last summer. Personally, I'm deeply in love with the Super Matte texture - so I was more than glad to learn that they were expanding its range with this new palette. Out of the twelve shades, five of them are Super Mattes and six are Fluid Metals - which is one of the two new textures. As the name suggest, the Fluid Metal texture gives a metallic, fluid-like effect - even when applied dry, these eyeshadows look like wet.
This leaves out one shade (Delirium), which happens to be the only representative of the other new texture - Just Pearl. It's made of pigment, bigger pearls and smaller sparkles, which results in an incredibly luminous and bright shade. One of a kind every way, literally.

According to my testing, each shade is so silky and extremely easy to blend - even the darkest. There's only one eyeshadow that is a little hard to handle - you already know which one, if you've already read my latest blog post.
Let's see each shade in more in depth.

Immaculate: "White duochrome highlight with gold reflects." Fluid Metal.

And we start right away with one of my favourite eyeshadows from this palette! A white shade that has a strong and lovely gold sparkle in it - also being duochrome, it appears more white or more gold depending on the angle and the lighting. 
As the description suggests, it's a nice highlighter - I love using it on my inner corners, it immediately lights up every makeup look, even the simpler. But I've also tried it on my lid, right at the centre in a halo eyes look - and it was stunning, I regret not taking pictures of that makeup. 

Illusion"Light-medium neutral brown." Super Matte.

The first Super Matte shade from this palette is a neutral brown, looks like the mix of Fossil and Narciso (if you own them already you know what I mean). This kind of discreet shade is the perfect transition shade to achieve the smoothest blending, that can complement every natural look but also the most sophisticated ones. These type of shades are never enough!

Vanitas"Peachy-pink duochrome with golden reflects." Fluid Metal.

This is quite a classic shade that every brand, sooner or later, produce - but as much as they could look close, they rarely end up being identical. Vanitas, for example, is more peachy than pink - and this is enhanced by the gold reflect. And yeah, I do have a thing for this type of shades quite honestly - every time I see a pink shadow with a strong gold shimmer I just can't resist xD
I've used it a lot as inner corner highlighter, because it's gentle yet noticeable. Also stunning as highlight on the middle of the lid in any halo eyes look.

Delirium"Burnt purple-brown with fuchsia, blue and purple micro-sparkles." Just Pearl.

Make yourself comfortable, I have a lot to say about this eyeshadow!
Let's start from the texture, the new Just Pearl. Theoretically a great idea, but it needs to be revised and improved a little.
This eyeshadow has a strong brownish base and it's filled with bigger pearls and smaller sparkles - the problem here is that the base pigment and the sparkles are somehow separated. So when you apply it (even with your fingers) the base adheres to the skin quite easily, while all the shimmering particles struggle to stick to the base and tend to fall out conspicuously. I remember using it in class and having my classmate/model with her under-eye covered in fallout, no matter how careful I was.
Anyway, no matter how rebellious an eyeshadow can be, I always try to find a solution. I have found two in this case.
Option n° 1: use a creamy base underneath. Preferably not a dark base - I tried using a black eyepencil and it worked nicely because it prevented the fallout, but on the other end it didn't enhance the colour - on the contrary, it kind of dimmed it.
Option n° 2: this is the one I like the most, and consist in getting the brush wet (using some kind of spray, like MAC Cosmetics' Fix +) then picking up some product and then spraying the brush once again. In this way you make sure that the eyeshadow will stay on your brushes AND that it will adhere on the skin much better, being wet. You'll also have a much better result in terms of payoff (the colour will be really enhanced) and way lesser fallout - close to zero.
So don't give up on this eyeshadow - it can be hard to handle, yet not impossible. And it's worth the struggle, since it's such a beautiful brown/purple shade (which looks even more beautiful on medium/dark skin tones, as I learnt by experience).
I really look forward to an improved version of this new texture, with a well-mixed powder and less fallout.

Byzantine"Intense warm pure gold." Fluid Metal.

NABLA has several gold eyeshadows in its range already - yet they manage to create new golds always different from the 'older brothers' from previous collections. Byzantine is the warmest so far, precious as an ancient artifact; it benefits from the new Fluid Metal texture, which makes it also the brightest so far, rich and wonderfully pigmented. 
Having a thing for golds, I was very excited about this shade too, which I've used on my lid (and felt like a golden jewel) but also on my inner corner for a different, much noticeable highlighting. 

Sistina"Medium rose sienna." Super Matte.

Rose with a pinch of peach, well balanced - great addiction to the Super Matte range. It's suitable as transition shade for both pink and peach looks, natural looks, but also for darker looks to make them more sophisticated.
But, being a Super Matte, is so pigmented that can be easily used on the lid - this is why I appreciate this texture so much, because even the lightest shade is well pigmented and you don't need to layer it over and over again to achieve a good colour payoff. So far, they're all very true-to-pan. 

Metal Cupid"Strawberry bronze." Fluid Metal.

Another interesting shade, a bronze with a strong reddish hue. The red, 'strawberry' side of this eyeshadow prevails on the bronze and creates a very warm, unique shade - bright and deep at the same time.
I love how it look when paired to Rose Gold - paired, not mixed - in order to create a soft gradient, and blended with Señorita. They look like they were made for each other - and maybe they really were after all xD

Inception"Mauve duochrome with chestnut base and bright lilac reflects." Fluid Metal.

Inception looks very purple and lilac from the pan, but once it's applied on the skin the brownish base immediately shows up and tends to prevail over the lilac reflect. Mind you, it's still a cute colour - just not what I was expecting after looking at the pan. 
Apart from that, nothing wrong with its pigmentation, texture and quality: the base and the metallic sparkles are well blended together, just like the other fluid metals. To me, this is a very successful texture :D

Señorita"Intense cool-toned red." Super Matte.

Another of my favourite shades (if not my very favourite) from this palette - definitely my very favourite Super Matte out of the ones featured in this palette.
I think this is a great addiction to the range, as red eyeshadows of any kind are quite hard to find. 
This shade's cool-toned (which I looove), so sweet and romantic; works perfectly as transition shade or as crease shade (it's so easy to blend) but also as lid shade - because, again, super mattes are highly pigmented. 
If I could choose only one eyeshadow from this palette to come in a full sized refill pan, I'd surely choose Señorita! 

Rose Gold"Rose gold." Fluid Metal.

Rose Gold is a... rose gold shade, groudbreaking XD
Joking of course. Rose Gold is a very interesting shade because - other than used pure on its own - it can work as a jolly eyeshadow to create the perfect rose gold according to our own preferences. Just mix it with either Byzantine or Metal Cupid to make it more rose or more gold - personally, when I don't use it on its own, I like to mix it with a pinch of Byzantine so it looks a little more golden. 
But let's be real, it's a beautiful shade on it own - and rose gold eyeshadows are tricky to find, meaning that usually they're either too gold or too rose. This one - keeping aside any personal preference - nails the definition of 'rose gold' - it looks exactly like the metal of the same name.

Lullaby"Medium mauve." Super Matte.

Lullaby reminds me of Circle, but contrary to that it's not as cool - and it's a pure mauve, simply as that. You know I'm not into mauve shades, but Lullaby has quickly become a new favourite of mine. I've been using it a lot as transition shade - being quite light and soft it's ideal to smooth any blending, adding a subtle touch of colour.

Dogma"Intense dark brown." Super Matte.

Last but not least, the darkest shade of this palette is Dogma, a deep chocolate shade. Just a tiny amount can intensify every look in a snap, and it's perfect to define the lashline in a very natural way (as it's not a harsh and intense as a black eyeshadow). 
Sounds crazy but I was happy to have a dark brown shade in this palette, because I didn't own any before and now that I'm attending a makeup school I've realized how it is an essential shade in every makeup kit. (I'll be definitely investing in other brown shades by NABLA such as Camelot and Wide Side)
I've used this shade in many different looks at school, from morning and evening makeup to even bridal - it really is a passepartout eyeshadow!

Overall I really like the colours' selection featured in this palette (and I already dream of a new Dreamy palette - no pun intended XD - with all cool shades like greens and blues); I think it could've used another dark matte shade, other than Dogma - perhaps a really, really dark purple or, why not?, even a good old black. NABLA already has a black eyeshadow available, true, but Nocturne is from the Matte range and I'd love to see a black Super Matte eyeshadow *-* Much deeper, much more pigmented.

(Speaking of the colours, as Mrdanielmakeup aka NABLA's art director pointed out, they're divided in two imaginary triangles that suggest two different colour combinations: one triangles includes Immaculate, Illusion, Vanitas, Byzantine, Sistina and Señorita; the second one includes Delirium, Metal Cupid, Inception, Lullaby and Dogma. In both cases Immaculate and Dogma are interchangeable, as they can suit both triangles easily)

Wrapping it up, my first impressions about this palette are very positive and I do recommend it if you're into these kind of shades. It may also be a nice addition to your makeup kit if you're a pro mua ;D
Keep in mind that these shade are not available individually - although I really wish they were. I'd gladly buy a full sized refill pan of several of these shades. There's no mention about this palette being limited edition, so don't panic if you weren't able to buy it at first; they're currently working to restock it, but there's no date so far.
Before moving on to the swatches, I want to address the supposed similarity of the Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette with the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty.
When the Dreamy was revealed, even before its launch, a lot of people immediately commented on how it resembled Huda's latest palette; intrigued by this, and having a friend that owns the Desert Dusk, I borrowed it for a couple of days so I could study the two palettes and their respective shades. I compared all of them accurately and I came to the conclusion that they're not that similar. There're only a couple of shades that are really close - but that's it, and you can see it by yourself in my swatches. (Merci beaucoup ma chère Héloïse for lending me your precious palette ♥)
So, in case you already own the Desert Dusk and are wondering whether to buy the Dreamy or not... In my opinion you can go for it as you wouldn't end up with twelve dupes. Keep in mind that a couple are quite close, but the others are not, and some are even unique!
Now without any further ado, let's get started!

The following pictures are quite big, so click to enlarge!
Pictures taken using a ring light; products applied dry, using my fingers, on a non-primed skin.
My skin tone is NW15.

 From left to right: Immaculate, Illusion, Vanitas, Delirium.

From left to right: Byzantine, Sistina, Metal Cupid, Inception.

From left to right: Señorita, Rose Gold, Lullaby, Dogma.

Here are the comparisons! Please excuse the wobbly pictures: those were the very first swatches I did using my new ring light and but I hadn't realized yet how to take pics of my arm without tripping on my own ring light XD

From left to right: Immaculate, Atom.

From left to right: Delirium, Selfish. 
(Requested by a friend, hope it's useful honey ♥)

From left to right: Vanitas, Angelic (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty).

From left to right: Caramel, Narciso, Fossil, Illusion, Musk (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty).

From left to right: Nefertiti (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty), Byzantine, Cleo, Glitz.

From left to right: Turkish Delight (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty), Metal Cupid, Daphne n° 2, Juno Moon.

From left to right: Sistina, Eden (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty), Petra, Amber (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty).

From left to right: Royal (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty), Inception, Moonrise, Superposition.

From left to right: Señorita, Saffron (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty), Grenadine.

From left to right: Byzantine, Rose Gold, Celestial and Nefertiti (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty).

From left to right: Lullaby, Circle.

From left to right: Dogma, Oud (from the Desert Dusk palette by Huda Beauty)
NameDreamy Eyeshadow Palette
Brand: NABLA Cosmetics
What is it?: Eyeshadow palette consisting of twelve different shades + high quality mirror
Price: 35,90 €
Quantity: 11 g / 0.39 oz.
PAO: 18 M
Other: Vegan & Cruelty Free; Made in Italy.
Where to buyWebsite, authorized retailers. 
Top or Flop?: My first impressions classify it as a top, as of now.

That's it! I really hope this post can be useful and informative :D
If you have any questions, of you need some clarification, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Have you already bought the Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette?
Or you missed it and you're (im)patiently waiting for the restock?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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