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♕ Make Up Look ~ Underwater Treasure ♕
{Inspired by Roberta ~ @robertavixen}

I'm really proud of the look that I'm going to show you today - I really love the way it turned out, plus it was a big success and received tons of love on my Instagram. It reminded me of a lost treasure at the bottom of the ocean (thus the name) but several people gave different interpretations - from a "royal blue goddess" to a "Beauty and the Beast" look. It was pretty exciting actually :D

The graphic eyeliner style was inspired by a @robertavixen's looks (check her out, she's so skilled!), where she included this particular wing style - and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it! Of course, I had to use Klimt eyeliner - not only because it is my current makeup obsession, but also because it's simply the best for any kind graphic line/shape. My regular black liner (aka a black pigment used wet) could do that - but is more troublesome, so to speak, and more time consuming. 

While I clearly knew what eyeliner I was going to use, I didn't know what colours I could use. Roberta's look (which you can see here) featured black liner and sweet, subtle shades - but I wanted to do something completely different so, after brainstorming a bit, I decided to go for blue shades. To contrast even more the eyeliner brightness, I chose matte shades for the lids and a deep blue shade for the crease area. I'm really happy with my choices because the look turned out so pretty and whimsical *-*

After applying the eyeprimer I started off with the lid shade, a Makeup Geek shadow named Neptune. It's a completely matte bright blue - I applied a couple of layers to achieve this solid, very even result. On the crease I used a deeper shade, a NABLA Cosmetics shadow - Baltic. I was about to use Eternity instead, which is slightly lighter and brighter - but I opted for Baltic because it's darker. I blended Baltic with Boo Berry (another MUG shadow), which is a matte denim blue and it's simply gorgeous. I applied the same eyeshadow on the lower lid too; close to the lashline I applied Baltic, while on the real lashline I applied and smudged a black eyeshadow (Nocturne by NABLA).
Back to crease blending, I used Fossil as final transition shade and Antique White on the brow bone. On the inner corner I decided to use gold - as a sort of connection with the eyeliner - and I specifically used two different eyeshadow by NABLA: I applied Cleo (the prettiest gold ever) first and then I applied a layer of Danae (a bronze filled with gold glitters) on top of it. This combination is a true bomb - I need to use them together again XD

Now the fun part, aka the eyeliner design! As I previously said I used Dazzle Liner in Klimt by NABLA Cosmetics: first of all I applied it following my upper lashline, drawing a pretty thick line and winging it out - I really wanted the gold, metallic shade to stand out. Then I drew the graphic line right above the crease, starting from the lower one and then coming up again with the second and shorter one below the brow bone. It took me a while, as I wanted to be the more precise I could, but Klimt makes everything easier thanks to its formula and thin brush.
Once I was happy with all the lines I moved on and completed the looks with fake lashes, mascara and a black eyepencil on my waterline.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadows in "Cleo"* and "Danae(inner corner)
Makeup Geek Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Neptune(upper lid)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Baltic" (crease, outer corner, lower lid)
- Makeup Geek Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Boo Berry(crease, lower lid)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Fossil" (transition colour)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Antique White" (brow bone)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Nocturne" (lower lashline)
NABLA Cosmetics Dazzle Liner in "Klimt"
- MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in "Feline
- NABLA Cosmetics "Le Film Noir" Mascara
MAC Cosmetics False Eyelashes n° 34


- NABLA Cosmetics Brow Pot in "Mars"*


- 239 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 217 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 213 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 224 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- London Detail ~ Neve Cosmetics *discontinued* 
- 2x Short Smudge (A13)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set, BombShell Set)
- Fluffy Pencil (A12)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set)
- Large Fluffy Shader (A06) ~ Spectrum Collections (Siren Set)
- Accent Brush ~ Real Techniques
- Lip Liner (A15)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Bombshell Set)

I hope you liked this look ;D
What does this look remind you of? 
Do you ever wear graphic eyeliner?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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  1. Che meraviglia, un vero e proprio incanto. Non si può smettere di guardarlo.

    1. Grazie Damina, sono felicissima che ti piaccia tanto ♥

  2. Credo di aver bisogno di Baltic nella mia vita!
    Vedendo i tuoi makeup, mi viene sempre voglia di sperimentare con il blu :)
    A proposito, trucco spettacolare!

    1. Baltic è da avere secondo me, è un blu scuro molto versatile e di ottima qualità! :D
      Grazie di cuore! ♥♥♥


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