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♕ Nabla Cosmetics ~ Freedomination Collection Part 1: Lipsticks & Face Powders ♕
{Overview & Swatches}

{Disclaimer: this post is an overview about a collection I got for free as press sample. I'd like to thank NABLA Cosmetics for the opportunity, anyway my evaluation policy doesn't change and is always based on real use and in-depth testing of the product(s)}

Yesterday was the big day: the new summer collection by NABLA Cosmetics, Freedomination, officially launched! I had the great pleasure of receiving almost all the new products as a preview a few days ago - if you follow me on Instagram you surely know that already! - and I've been working on the overview post since then, testing the products meanwhile.

This collection is hugeincludes 10 eyeshadows4 Diva Crime lipsticks (featuring a new, limited edition packaging), 2 Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks (introducing the new metal finish),  2 Dazzle Liners2 Blossom Blushes2 Shade&Glow (one highlighter and one bronzer) and two limited edition Liberty palettes - introducing the new Liberty Four, along with the well-known Liberty Six. Various bundles are available (although some are already sold out!).
It's the biggest NABLA collection ever released so far - and I soon realized that doing one single post would be a little problematic. You know how I deal with overviews: I try to the describe the products in depth, sharing my thoughts and considerations, adding tons of pictures, swatches and comparisons. This usually results in really long post - but this time I anticipated the overview to be crazily long.

So I decided to split the overview in two parts: one dedicated to eyeshadows and liners, one to face products (such as blush, highlighter and brozer) and all the lipsticks. I also decided to do so because I feel like this collection is kind of divided in two - like if the eye products made a collection on their own, same for the face & lip products.
I originally planned to post the eyeshadows' part first, but some unforeseen difficulty occurred and I had to postpone it - so today I'm going to show you what was supposed to be part two: face powders & lipsticks.

As I previously stated, the Freedomination Collection includes two Blossom Blushes {Happytude and Habana}, two Shade & Glow {Monoi, the bronzer, and Obsexed, the highlighter}, four Diva Crime lipsticks {Perfect Day, Bohème, Reverse and Goa} and two Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks {Antimatter and Fetish Mauve}.

I received all of them, apart from Habana (the peachy blush), so I'm going to give you an almost complete overview of this part of the collection.
Let's start with the lipsticks - I got tons and tons of requests on Instagram regarding the lip products, so there you go!

(Left to right: Perfect Day, Bohème, Reverse and Goa ~ cool natural lighting).

Perfect Day: "Red velvet cake"

My favourite shade out of this new range! I thought it was cooler and deeper, but it's actually a medium, warm shade of red (I guess it might have some white it in, it's more muted, less saturated). Compared to Alter Ego and Beverly (see swatches), you can tell that it has a warmer undertone.

I'd say it's a "gentle" red, because it's not super-bright and/or dramatic. Although I prefer cooler tones, I've already worn this shade a couple of time and felt really good. I will be definitely wearing Perfect Day a lot in the upcoming months!

Bohème"Rosy mauve"

I have a problem with mauve lipsticks: on my lips, they tend to look like a completely different colour (usually brownish). I fear mauve shades. But I had some hope for Bohème, being described as 'rosy'.

It definitely has some pink in it, not that much - but that's enough to look quite good on my lips. Still a mauve shade (you cannot mistake it for a pink) but, for once, not brownish!

Probably not the most flattering shade on me, but I'm pretty positive I can wear it fearlessly - especially if paired with the right eye look. 

Reverse"Dusty lilac"

Reverse is a lilac with a lot of gray in it. On me, for example, it looks more gray than lilac - and unfortunately gives me an unflattering drowned effect. Really unflattering.

Nevertheless - it's creamy, easy to apply and pigmented - so if you know you can rock this shade... Go for it!
(Otherwise, if you want a more easy to wear shade, try Bohème)

Goa"Metallic rose terracotta"

The only metallic shade in this small selection, and also the one that totally scared me XD
(Very) Warm medium brown with a subtle rose sheen in it. It's way out of my comfort zone (and also out of my "it's dramatic/bold/bright but I'll wear it anyway" zone) so I'll probably use it just for lip arts purposes.

Unlike the others, when applied it feels a little hard, like slightly more 'solid', and it's texture is thinner - yet is very comfortable on the lips, and quite pigmented (needs two layers to achieve a rich effect).
The metallic effect is gently noticeable - you can definitely tell it's not a matte shade. It shows way better on the lips than on the arm swatches, actually!

I love Diva Crime lipsticks. They're very performing, they don't dry up the lips (which is crucial is you have naturally dry lips like me) and are like weightless once applied. I cannot tell if these new shades are just like their predecessors yet, as I need way more time to test them in different situations, seasons and weather conditions. They surely do look promising, though. (I'll post lip swatches along with the upcoming looks, stay tuned for that!)
Please note: although indicated as "limited edition", this refers to the lilac packaging, not the shades themself!

Let's see now the two new Dreamy Liquid Lipsticks, Antimatter and Fetish Mauve.

(Antimatter on the left, Fetish Mauve on the right)

Antimatter: "Rose Gold. Metal"

Antimatter is the first, in the Dreamy Liquid Lipsticks range, to feature a metal finish instead of the usual matte. It's the first of the Dreamy Metal range, I'd say (although it's still listed along with the matte ones, which could be a little confusing), and has a slightly different packaging - clear instead of opaque.

This shade is simply stunning, like real liquid rose gold.
Very, very unique and uncommon - not sure how many people can actually wear this colour.
On my lips is more gold than rose - but you can still tell it's not pure gold. Mind you, it's not a shade I would easily wear outside (I have no problem going around wearing the craziest eye looks... But I tend to wear only fuchsia, pink and red on my lips - definitely need to work on this XD).
Anyway, I have a lip art ready to be posted on Instagram where I used Antimatter - so I'm sure you're going to see it quite a bit on there. I also want to try it as eyeliner asap.

It's very comfortable on the lips, dried up really fast and immediately became no transfer. It stayed a little sticky where the lips touch on the center. It's really pigmented, you don't need to layer it to obtain the shade you see in the pack!

Fetish Mauve: "Mauve. Matte"

A matte mauve (you don't say!) - a true mauve. No pink/rose in it, just mauve - and it shows. If you try Bohème and Fetish Mauve side by side (I did that on my lips, not on my arm) you can clearly see how much they're different. Compared to Fetish Mauve, Bohème almost looks pink. Almost.

Back to Fetish Mauve - its characteristics are really good just like Antimatter (pigmented, no-transfer, dries quickly) so if you like mauve shades, again, you can go for it!

As for the Dive Crime, I need to test these in depth - actually, even more in-depth, because these are my very first Dreamy Liquid Lipsticks! I haven't put my fins on any of the ones that launched two months ago, sadly - so they're a whole new world to me *-*
(One of my concerns with this liquid lipsticks was the scent - too strong for my taste - but thankfully once worn it becomes imperceptible, and I can use it without problems. Phew.)

Now let's move on to the face powders included into this collection. Out of four pieces, I received three of them - basically I'm only missing the blush in Habana (the peachy one).

Blossom Blush in Happytude: "Intense pastel pink"

(How cute is its name? ♥)
A bright shade of pink, gives a nice healthy look to the cheeks. It's more pigmented than Daisy (another pink shade currently available in the Blossom Blush range), I like it better! They might look pretty similar, but they're not: Daisy is paler and more subtle, while Happytude is brighter and, again, more pigmented. One thing they have in common is their finish, as they're both matte.
(Please see the swatches in the next section!)

Shade & Glow in Obsexed"Peach champagne with pink copper reflects". Highlighter.

Not sure about how I feel towards Obsexed - especially when compared to Millennium, (which we'll see it in part 2) as they look so similar on me. The shade is pretty cute: a peachy base with a mostly pink sheen. It's really hard to capture in picture - looks yellowish, but it's really peachy with a pinch of coral (because of the sheen).
Very, very summery. It's subtle, I have to layer it quite a bit to make it noticeable - medium/darker skin won't probably experience this 'issue'. I tried it as inner corner highlighter and it looked good - but very similar to Millennium.

Shade & Glow in Monoi"Warm medium brown with a gold sheen". Bronzer.

Personally I don't really use bronzers (I do use sculpting shades, but they're different - cool toned and matte to begin with, so I can't use Monoi as such) as I don't tan, don't fake tanning and pretty much enjoy being a snow bunny even in the middle of the summer. Plus, I'm not sure it fits a really pale person like me - it would probably look much better on darker skin tones, or on those who actually tan during summertime.
But I think I might use it as eyeshadows, it's really pretty: warm with a lovely gold sheen.
The following pictures are quite big, so click to enlarge!

Here're the 'family pictures' of all the lipsticks (above) and face powders (below). All products were applied on un-primed skin (the powders were finger-swatched) with natural daylight. 

Here're a couple of comparisons - currently missing Obsexed's one, due to technical issues (aka I couldn't get a proper picture, the colours looked wrong - I will try again as soon as possible, it was a big comparison).

That's all for now!

Stay tuned for part 2 - I'll make sure I'll include more swatches & comparisons, along with my overall considerations about this new beautiful collection! 
I most likely won't be able to post part 2 tomorrow though - as I still need to buy the missing eyeshadows, take all their pics, do the swatches and so on. 
So please bear with me, I do have a makeup look featuring some of the new eyeshadows to show you meanwhile!

The Freedomination Collection is available at (and authorized retailers) and there's a special promo (ends on July 23, 2017):

~ 10% off all eye makeup products
~ 50% off worldwide shipping
~ Up to 20% off the bundles

Have you already purchased something? If so, what did you buy?
What's your favourite lipstick/face product of this new collection?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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  1. Antimatter mi piace molto ma mi starebbe talmente male che non ci penso neppure a comprarlo.

  2. Il colore in sé è qualcosa di stupendo, lo vedrei benissimo per un eyeliner liquido ad esempio. Come rossetto è mooolto particolare, sinceramente non saprei dire a chi possa stare davvero bene. Su di me, ti dirò, non mi pareva tanto male - ma decisamente insolito, questo sì XD Sarà divertente usarlo per le lip art comunque, è un colore che si presta molto!

  3. Girl - I'm obsessed with Nabla Cosmetics' products and new collections. As soon as it was up (it was online in the middle of the night I heard), I got the whole collection - and waited painfully for it to come. Had some issues with the mailman too - took way too long to be acceptable x) !
    I'm not a big fan of the rose gold liquid lipstick to be honest - it's not rose gold enough in my opinion, too bronze-y. I love the Diva Crime lipsticks though. I've got all the Diva Crime lipsticks except 4 I'm still trying to get but these are the first I actually tried - sometimes I take too long to take pics for the blog and then... I forget about them altogether x) But these... Wow. I was super scared of the Goa lipstick but as soon as I saw the pink reflects making it so much easier to wear, I was sold ! I also love the Obsexed highlighter very much - love this sweet soft glow ! :D

    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

    1. I love their products too - as you can tell ;D
      Antimatter is a very unusual shade, for example on me is more gold than bronze or rose gold. I guess it depends on the lips!
      Diva Crime lipsticks are amazing, I don't own them all but I have quite a few. So comfortable to wear, nourishing and with such rich colours. My all time favourite is Alter Ego, have you bought it already?
      So glad you're loving Goa - I'm still a little scared by it XD To each their own I guess, I'm more into reds and pinks and fuchsias :D


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