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♕ Tag Prodotti PRO(va) 2017 Edition ♕
{Feat. Miki in the Pinkland & A Lost Girl}

After reviewing last year list, is finally time to sit down and list allllll the products we are curious about right now and that we want to try during 2017!

Some history for those of you who don't know this tag yet: years ago Miki created a small tag called "Prodotti PRO(va)", a nice pun that in English could be translated in "Products [I want to] try". About two years ago Misato and I joined Miki and, all together, we expanded the tag to the current length.

This tag consist in listing all the products we want to try during the year; mind you, it's not a mere wishlist, but a well thought-out list of products we are really ready and willing to try during the year. 
This tag's rules are pretty simple:
- Mention the creator (Miki ~ Miki in The Pink Land) and her associates (Misato ~ A Lost Girl & Ariel ~ Ariel Make Up);
- Fill each category you are interested in (meaning you don't have to worry about filling every single one, if you have no particular interests in a specific type of product);
- Tag at least 3 bloggers who, in your opinion, may enjoy sharing their lists with us;
- Use the hashtag #ProdottiPROva to help us find your post (you can also tag us on social media!);
- Feel free to use the following banner I specially made! ↓↓↓

Don't forget to check out Misato's post (here) and Miki's (here), show them some love ♥
Now without further ado, let's get started!


~ Face Cleanser ~ 

Nothing to declare here. I'm enjoying Mater Natura's face cleanser, it's very easy for me to find and buy so - unless something new comes out meanwhile - I think I'll stick to it. 

~ Face Cream ~ 

Normalizing Light Face Cream ~ Bio Marina: this is something I'm going to need very very soon, since I'm running low on my current face cream. It's a very gentle cream that, most likely, won't be too heavy during summer and hydrating enough during winter (perfect combo for my skin). 

~ Face Scrub ~ 


Brightening Cream Scrub ~ Bio Marina: I'm listing this a personal memo, just in case. I'm still using Biofficina's face scrub and it's seriously neverending XD

~ Eye Cream ~ 

At the moment nothing caught my attention, and I'm still loving Biofficina's eye cream so I guess I'll stick to it. 

~ Toner ~  

Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner ~ Leahlani Skincare: Listing this for just a little bit of daydreaming. In theory this could be a toner for me, absolutely: meant for sensitive/delicate/dry skins, it has a very calming and soothing formula - plus, each bottle contains a Rose Quartz gemstone inside. How cute is that?
Unfortunately, it's quite unlikely that I'll purchase it. Why? Because of its price - I honestly cannot spend 32 € on just one product. 

~ Face Serum ~ 

Happily sticking to Biofficina's one, I've being using and repurchasing it for about two years and I don't feeling like switching to something else. 

~ Face Mask ~ 

Mermaid Mask ~ Leahlani Skincare: Just like the toner, I'm listing this mask just for fun, as it's quite expensive too (35 €). I swear I didn't listed it just for the name XD It's a purifying, cleansing and softening mask meant to be a treat for all skin types.

~ Make Up Remover (Eyes) ~ 

Not willing to change my current one (Biofficina Toscana's Micellar Solution) as it's simply perfect for my needs - it doesn't sting, it's not oily and removes any kind of makeup products. 

Make Up Remover (Face) ~ 

See above, as I always use the same remover for both eyes and face. 

~ Lip Balm ~ 

I miss so so much my beloved Hemp Coconut lip balm by Epic Blend - I haven't been able to purchase it again yet, because it's still sold out at the local bio shop. While I wait for it to be back in stock, I'll just keep trying random lip balms. 

~ Lip Scrub ~ 

Nothing to mention. Still loving Biofficina's one :D

~ Body Cream ~ 

Monoi Body Lotion ~ Eos Secondo Natura: I listed this lotion in my last year's post too, but I didn't have the chance to buy it during 2016... But I have a feeling I'll finally get it this year! I'm running low on my current lotion (which I'm sharing with my mom) and I've being saving up my points on my fidelity card at the bio shop, soooo... I guess this is it XD

~ Hand Cream ~ 

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream ~  Mater Natura: I saw this online first and then at Bio Makeup Shop - and got really curious. I definitely fell in love with this one after smelling the tester at the shop. It'll be mine as soon as possibile! 

~ Foot Cream ~ 

Nothing came up to my mind. I'm simply using my body lotion at the moment, so I'm open to any recommendations! 

~ Shower Gel ~ 

Monoi Shower Gel ~ Eos Secondo Natura: another leftover from last year's list. Hopefully I'll buy it as soon as I get the matching body lotion! 

~ Body Scrub ~ 

Apricot Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub ~ Mater Natura: Still interest in this scrub, but I'm waiting to use up my current one (another scrub by Biofficina, neverending just like the face one). Hopefully I won't forget about it during 2017 - like happened in 2016... *whoops*

~ Deodorant ~ 


~ Shampoo ~ 

I have found my perfect shampoo (Bio Shampoo Salvia & Limone by La Saponaria), I also have a backup just in case (Restoring Organic Shampoo by EOS Secondo Natura) - so I guess I'm fine. 

~ Conditioner ~ 

Same as above. I found my ideal hair conditioner (Protecting Volumising Conditioner by Biofficina Toscana) and I won't change it no matter what.

~ Hair Mask ~ 

Currently looking for a mask - something nourishing but not heavy. The lighter, the better. Suggestions? 

~ Styling ~ 


~ Miscellaneous ~ 

~ Shaving Gel ~ 


Shea Butter Shaving Cream ~ Bio Marina: I need this asap. And I really mean it. I've been using a shaving gel by Gillette lately - since Bio Marina is not available in my city and I need to plan an online order, I thought I'd use that one (which is my mom's actually) meanwhile. Bad bad BAD idea. It dried my skin so badly, I need to switch to another shaving gel seriously as soon as possibile. 

~ Sunscreen ~ 

Not willing to try anything no. Very, VERY willing to buy again my beloved Alga Maris sunscreen - which is my holy grail sunscreen and I honestly think I won't be able to survive another summer without it. 

Make Up

~ Face Primer ~ 

Nothing. I'll just repurchase Couleur Caramel's one before summer. Mind you, I still have some - but it kind of dried out ç_____ç

~ Foundation ~ 

I must admit that, after years of mineral foundations, I'd like to try something different - a liquid foundation, to be more precise. Preferably one with a green inci (or at least with no silicone in it), with a light texture... But I have no clue what to choose ^^" 

~ Finishing Powder ~ 

Nothing, still happily using Too Faced's Primed & Poreless *_*

~ Concealer ~ 

I ran out of my MAC Cosmetics Studio Finish Concealer - but, even though I liked it, I probably won't buy it again. It's too expensive - keep in mind that I don't need concealer on my under-eye, just only when I get some pimples... So it's not a product I use on a daily basis. That's why I'd like something cheaper. I'm considering Purobio's concealer - but I need to examine it in depth before purchasing. 

~ Highlighter ~ 

Shade & Glow in Jasmine by NABLA Cosmetics: I still regret not buying it along with Angel and Baby Glow... I need to fill the gap! 

~ Blush ~ 

Blossom Blush in Harper ~ NABLA Cosmetics: this blush from the Goldust Collection caught my attention but I postponed the purchase. Hopefully I'll remember to buy it during 2017! 

~ Bronzer / Sculpting Products ~ 

Nothing. Gotham (from the Shade & Glow range) is just perfect for my needs.

~ Lipstick(s) ~ 

Lipstick in L.A. Woman ~ Defa Cosmetics: I'm really curious about this relatively new brand (born and based in my same region, Sicily). I swatched their lipsticks at the local bio shop and this shade caught my attention. (There were more that I liked actually but this is the only colour I remember clearly)
The only thing that concerns me is their formula. When I swatched the testers I noticed that the sticks were quite hard. I don't know whether it was just the testers, or a problem due to the low temperature, or if that's how the lipsticks really are. I need to figure this out. 

Diva Crime Lipsticks in Dragonfire, Rouge Mon Amour and Arabesque ~ NABLA Cosmetics: simply, my current wishlist XD

Viva Glam Lipstick Taraji P. Henson ~ MAC Cosmetics: love at first sight. Can't wait to see it live at the local MAC corner! *_*

~ Lipgloss ~ 


Viva Glam Lipglass Taraji P. Henson ~ MAC Cosmetics: Love at first sight, part 2. Plus, the combo lipstick + lipglass it's absolutely STUNNING! 

~ Lip Pencil ~ 

Nothing - even though I know I should probably use lip pencils!

~ Mascara ~ 

Still loving tenderly Le Film Noir by NABLA ♥ 

~ Eye Primer ~ 

Urban Decay's primers - and this it just a personal memo. When I got the Naked 3, it came with a cute package of samples - one little sample of each type of Primer Potion available. So, I decided to put them in here so I won't forget to try them out XD

~ Eyeshadows / Pigments ~ 

Various Eyeshadows ~ Makeup Geek Cosmetics: I already got 10 of them as birthday present (see haul here)... Nevertheless, I already want more and more XD 

Various Eyeshadows ~ Nabla Cosmetics: aka waiting for the next collection - which will be on summer *sigh*

~ Cream Eyeshadows ~ 

Nothing at the moment - unless NABLA releases new shades of their Crème Shadows during 2017! 

~ Glitter ~ 

Sparklers ~ Makeup Geeks Cosmetics: saw them while browsing on their site, looking for inspiration for my wishlist. I might invest in one of them someday - most likely Milky Way, the silver/rainbow one.

Another brand that makes glitters (so-many-shades) is Lit Cosmetics - I always see their glitter all over Instagram. The thing that holds me back is that is an USA based brand and I'd prefer to buy inside Europe (to avoid custom fees). 

~ Palette ~ 

Mermaid Palette ~ KG Beatuy: I've recently seen this eyeshadow palette on Instagram and, needless to say, I suddenly fell in love ♥_♥ KG Beauty is a brand new... brand (sorry for the play on words XD) and apparently this will be their very first product. This brand is based in the US too, so this might be the exception to the rule (aka try to avoid outside-Europe purchases). 

~ Eyeliner ~ 

Tattoo Liner in Trooper ~ Kat Von D: I see this eyeliner literally all around Instagram, on a daily basis. Its reputation precedes it, I've seen sooo many gorgeous looks featuring this liner... And I definitely want to try it, since eyeliner is a must for me *_*
Since Kat Von D is supposed to launch in Italy this spring, I hope I'll be able to get is easily! 

~ Eye Pencil ~ 


~ Eyebrow ~ 

Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills: thanks to NABLA's Brow Pot, I realized that I prefer gel over pencils. Thing is, I really need to find a shade fit for red hair. This one by ABH is my only candidate at the moment - and still I'm not 100% sure the shade is right. I'm afraid it could be not enough red for a redhead... I guess I'll just take the plunge and see how it goes.

~ Nail Polish ~

Fiji ~ Essie: the more I look at it, the more I think this is the perfect shade of pink for me. I tried different shades of pink (from different brands) but none of them was what I was looking for. I guess that I'll better invest in this one, instead of trying random polishes just to be disappointed. 

Varie & Eventuali 

~ Brushes ~

Individual Brushes ~ Spectrum Collections: I have a small list of individual brushes I hope I'll be able to purchase during 2017 - in particular this beauty up above, their new Rainbow Glow Fan Brush. My wishlist also includes an eyeliner brush (A09), a couple of flat brushes (A16 and A18) and a round, thick buffing brush (B02).

~ Accessories ~ 

False Lashes ~ MAC Cosmetics: I've tried some of their lashes already... But who cares? No big deal... I want moooooore *_* The one in the pic are n° 48 (which I haven't tried yet), I'd also like to buy again n° 34 (the one I'm currently using) and n° 7.

Brush Holder with Drawers: saw this on Instagram and I think it could be really helpful to store those brushes I don't use daily. I keep my most used ones in my Ariel mug, while the others in another holder - and thus they're victim of the dust :\ But this holder would protect them perfectly - and it's quite stylish too! 

~ Extra ~ 

Mermaid Tail Scrub/Brush Soap ~ Spectrum Collections: this is an unreleased product so far - but I'm already sooo curious. I've never heard of a scrub for brushes. Might be useful for those hard-to-clean, perhaps. 

I tag:

...but consider yourself tagged too! I'd love to read ALL of your lists! *_*

Any products in common?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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  1. Continuo ad amare il modo in cui è strutturato questo tag e spero davvero di riuscire a liberarmi da qualche scocciatura di troppo e prenderne parte. E comunque avrei inserito anche io quella maschera solo per il pack, delizioso!

  2. Oh Ariel ma grazie per aver pensato a me! Mi hai reso felicissima *-*
    La Mermaid Palette sembra fatto apposta per te per mille ragioni :)
    Mi sono innamorata del Viva Glam, ho visto che anche Misato la ha inserito e mi piacerebbe proprio vederlo dal vivo!
    Condivido l'amore per il contorno occhi Biofficina, su di me è un portento! Sarà difficile staccarsene una volta terminato ma sono curiosa come una scimmia! Mentre vorrei tanto provare i loro sieri, ho come la sensazione che la mia pelle li adorerà :)

    1. Aw ne sono lieta! :D Ho visto che avevi apprezzato questo tag e mi è venuto spontaneo taggarti! ;D
      Sì quella palette mi chiama troppo ♥ E anche io mi sono innamorata del Viva Glam, ma quant'è bello? *___*
      Io invece non lo cambio, quando trovo il prodotto ideale tendo a ricomprarlo a lungo!
      Per quanto riguarda i sieri, io ho provato solo quello Riequilibrante ma, anche in questo caso, essendo perfetto per le mie esigenze non credo che lo sostituirò tanto presto :p

  3. Ciao Ariel
    ho risposto anch'io a questo vostro tag e mi sono divertita se hai voglia di leggerlo lo trovi sul mio blog. Baci buona serata Alex

    1. Grazie per avermelo segnalato Alex, passo subito a leggerlo :*

  4. Finalmente riesco a passare da qui. Innanzitutto grazie per aver sdoganato il tag anche in lingua inglese.
    Il brand Bio Marina mi incuriosisce da tempo e vedertelo nominare così tante volte accresce la mia curiosita, soprattutto, nel mio caso, per quanto riguarda il balsamo. Preso anche io il nuovo Viva Glam, è adorabile!
    Ho solo un ombretto Makeup Geek Cosmetics, ma la sua bellezza mi invoglierebbe a comprarne altri.
    Ho preso l'eyeliner di Kat Von D a NY a Maggio, per me è stata una grandissima delusione. Sulla mia palpebra non scorre e non rilascia il prodotto come vorrei. Stessa cosa per la Pomade di ABH, presa a NY però stavolta adorata! No ma che meraviglia è quel contenitore per pennelli??? Lo voglio!
    Ecco, e adesso che la mia lista si è allungata, posso andare!

    1. Figurati, è stato un piacere! Sarebbe bello se diventasse un tag internazionale :D
      Il Viva Glam l'ho visto dal vivo l'altro giorno (sia rossetto che gloss) e... non vedo l'ora di poterli comprare!!
      Per l'eyeliner, sarà un salto nel vuoto ma sento la necessità di provare qualcosa in penna, non mi resta che incrociare le pinne e sperare che su di me funzioni!
      La Pomade di ABH la prenderò quando finirò Mars di Nabla e... passeranno mesi XD
      Quel contenitore è una meraviglia, non so quando e non so come ma dovrò prenderlo *__*


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