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♕ #ProdottiPRO(va) 2016 ~ What Happened in the End? ♕
{feat. Miki in the Pinkland & A Lost Girl}

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, those past days have been pretty busy - spent celebrating with family and friends, princess-ing around in my new princess dress (which you might have seen on my Instagram, if you follow me there). I have my Christmas look to post (and tonight's makeup too!) but it will be part of the 2017 agenda! 

Since this year is about to end, it's time to make some balances. And I'm going to do so with a very special post, in collaboration with two amazing ladies: Misato - A Lost Girl (loves make up!) and Miki - Miki In The Pinkland. Years ago Miki created a tag called "Prodotti PRO(va)", a nice pun that in English could be translated in "Products [I want to] try". This tag consist in listing all the products we want to try during the year; mind you, it's not a mere wishlist, but a well thought out list of products we are really willing to try during the year. At the end of the year, we like to make a sort of report, to see what happened. And that's what today's post is about! I'm going to review my 2016 list and tell you what I did try and what I didn't... And why. 
It's always so much fun, hope you'll enjoy it too! (Misato's post is here and Miki's here)


~ Face Cleanser ~ 

Aloe and Azulene Cleansing Gel ~ Fitocose: nope. I ended up never buying it, mostly because my local shop doesn't have it (or perhaps I'm just unlucky with their stocks XD). I bought another cleansing gel, which I'm loving, so I'm not sure whether this product will be or not in Prodotti PRO(va) 2017.

~ Face Cream ~ 

Normalizing Light Face Cream  ~ Bio Marina: haven't had the chance to buy it. But I'm still willing to try it, sooo... See ya in 2017 XD

~ Face Scrub ~ 


Brightening Cream Scrub ~ Bio Marina: same as above XD

~ Eye Cream ~ 

I said I would stick to my favourite eye cream (by Biofficina Toscana) and so I did!

~ Toner ~  


Refreshing Toner/Tonico Rinfrescante ~ Antos Cosmesi: skipped it. Mostly because I cut this brand out of my life - thanks to a not-so-funny joke about bloggers being creatures only interest in freebies. Ha-ha. A very unfortunate, sad joke in my opinion. I mean, we all know there are bloggers like that - it's unquestionable. But not all of us fit that description (thank goodness!), and I know plenty of honest blogger who doesn't deserve to be described as such by that joke. It's just unfair - and quite unprofessional of them, honestly. I simply couldn't get over it - and that's why I said goodbye to Antos Cosmesi. 

~ Face Serum ~ 

Still using the Balancing Facial Serum by Biofficina Toscana, as I expected at the beginning of the year! 

~ Face Mask ~ 

Nothing new. Still using the Pink Clay Mask by Cattier Paris - and, to be honest, I think I will stick to it quite a lot! (Why on Earth haven't I reviewed it yet?!)

~ Make Up Remover (Eyes) ~ 

As I anticipated, I found my holy grail make up remover for both face & eyes: the Micellar Solution by Biofficina Toscana is everything I need and I've repurchased three or four times during the year.

Make Up Remover (Face) ~ 

See above XD

~ Lip Balm ~ 

I ended up loving so so SO much the Hemp Coconut lip balm by Epic Blend, I used it all year round. Unfortunately it's still sold out here at my local shop, so I had to switch to another one... But I'm willing to go back to the Epic Blend one as soon as possible!! 

~ Lip Scrub ~ 

Nothing new as expected XD

~ Body Cream ~ 

Monoi Body Lotion ~ Eos Secondo Natura: skipped, this time because I haven't had the chance to buy it yet ç_ç 

~ Hand Cream ~ 

Nothing new, but I do have something to list for the 2017 edition! *___*

~ Foot Cream ~ 

Foot Cream ~ Antos Cosmesiskipped, see "Toner".

~ Shower Gel ~ 

Monoi Shower Gel ~ Eos Secondo Natura: same as the body lotion T_T *Sighs*

~ Body Scrub ~ 

Apricot Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub ~ Mater Natura: ahm... I totally forgot about this product D: Still willing to try it thoug! 

Dead Sea Salt Body Polish ~ Bio Marina: same as above - my local bio shop doesn't have this brand, that's why I tend to forget about their products ç_ç I'm just too used to go there and buy what I need... I'm not used to online shopping anymore, not when it comes to skincare stuff!

~ Deodorant ~ 

Deodorizing Lotion ~ Antos Cosmesiskipped, see "Toner".

~ Shampoo ~ 

I did stick for a while to the Restoring Organic Shampoo by EOS Secondo Natura - but after a while I went back to the Salvia e Limone (Sage & Lemon) one by La Saponaria. I guess I'll keep alternating them in the future, I love them both!

~ Conditioner ~ 

Once I was done with the samples I had, I went back to my beloved Protecting Volumizing Conditioner by Biofficina Toscana. I came to the conclusion that this is simply the perfect conditioner for my hair and my needs. At the beginning of the year I was curious to try something new - but at the moment I'll just stick to this one ♥

~ Hair Mask ~ 

Nothing new... But I do have something I hope to buy on 2017! 

~ Styling ~ 


~ Miscellaneous ~ 

~ Shaving Gel ~ 


Shea Butter Shaving Cream ~ Bio Marina: not yet. But I need it seriously as soon as possible! 

~ Antizanzare ~ 

After-biting Stick ~ La Saponariaskipped, because my mom got me an lenitive lotion that works very nicely - and I completely forgot about this stick ^^"

~ Sunscreen ~ 

On Summer 2015 I used and loved the Alga Maris Sunscreen Lotion - so I said I would stick to that. Unfortunately, it was sold out right before summer, so I had to buy another sunscreen (by Anthyllis)... Which I didn't like. 

Make Up Decorativo 

~ Face Primer ~ 

Nothing new, still loving the Matifying Primer by Couleur Caramel *_*

~ Foundation ~ 

Still using my (discontinued) mineral foundation, I haven't used up all my back up stock yet XD

~ Finishing Powder ~ 

Once again, nothing new. Still appreciating Too Faced's Primed & Poreless :D

~ Concealer ~ 

Skipped! I used up the one I had (from MAC Cosmetics) before buying a new one. See you in 2017 XD

~ Highlighter ~ 

I thought I would not buy any anew highlighter, but I actually ended up buying two shades - as soon as the Shade&Glow new line by NABLA Cosmetics was launched, back in May. Whoops XD

~ Blush ~ 

"I really hope NABLA will eventually launch some pressed blushes in the future" - this is what I wrote back in January and, gee, this wish of mine was granted *_* Along with the Shade&Glow line, NABLA launched also a pressed blush range... And I bought three of them ♥____♥ 

~ Bronzer / Sculpting Products ~ 

I didn't expect to buy any bronzer/sculpting powder - but, again, NABLA launched their Shade&Glow line back in May that featured both highlighters and sculpting shade... So I bought one, I had to XD

~ Lipstick(s) ~ 
Diva Crime Lipsticks in Cosmic Dancer ~ Nabla Cosmetics: skipped. I tried it on, and it didn't look bad... Very different from my usual style, but not bad at all. Anyway, I didn't feel the need to buy it, so I just preferred to give up for now. 
Meanwhile, NABLA launched new Diva Crimes... But I couldn't buy them for budget reasons T_T

Lipsticks ~ MAC Cosmetics: I managed to get one thanks to Back 2 MAC. Phew XD

~ Lipgloss ~ 

Lipgloss in Today, Coraline & Diamond ~ Nabla Cosmetics: nope, nope and nope. But I got Surf thanks to the dearest Foffy ♥

~ Lip Pencil ~ 


~ Mascara ~ 

Still in deep love with NABLA's Le Film Noir. I never ever stuck to a product that much I think, it's a record XD

~ Eye Primer ~ 

I finished Too Faced's Shadow Insurance and... Guess what? I repurchased it XD So, nothing new to mention. 

~ Eyeshadows / Pigments ~ 

Various Eyeshadows ~ Nabla Cosmetics: check, check, check XD I got, like, 15 new eyeshadows this year (perhaps even more, I lost the count XD). I definitely fulfilled my resolution here XDDD  

Various Pigments ~ Finis Terre: thanks to my beautiful sister Mari I had the chance to try two pigments. One from the mineral-add range (in "Lilac") and one from the normal mineral range ("Nibiru"). I had very positive impressions, now I'm looking forward to get more during 2017! (I still wish they had a smaller jar option, though!)

~ Cream Eyeshadows ~ 

Créme Shadow in Aurora, Husky ~ Nabla Cosmetics: nope and nope. But I got the whole Potion Paradise Collection that features 6 brand-new shades sooo... I still managed to try new shades *_*

~ Glitter ~ 

Sadly, nothing new. AGAIN.
Gosh, I really need to find some glitters -___-

~ Palette ~ 

Naked 3 ~ Urban Decay: got it *_____* And I love it tenderly ♥ I don't use it as frequently as I expected, but it's great when I need to get ready very quickly. 

~ Eyeliner ~ 

Eyeliner Gel 77 ~ Inglot: completely forgot it D: I just went back to my handmade eyeliner (aka pigment + Fix Plus) and I ended up forgetting I listed it. A-ehm...

~ Eye Pencil ~ 

Nothing new. I am utterly in love with Feline by MAC Cosmetics, I honestly think I'll keep purchasing it forever and ever.
Regarding coloured eye pencil... Nothing. Hey NABLA, what about coloured eye pencils?? #subliminalmessages XD

~ Eyebrow ~ 

Eyebrow in Strut ~ MAC Cosmetics: got it and utterly loved ♥ Perfect shade that matches nicely my red hair. Highly recommended!

Brow Divine ~ Nabla Cosmetics: I got sent the whole Brow Divine range when NABLA launched their new Brow Pot eyebrow gel. Unfortunately, no one fits my hair shade ç_ç

~ Nail Polish ~

Fiji ~ Essie: skipped. Sadly D: Will be in 2017 list for sure!

Varie & Eventuali 

~ Brushes ~

Individual Brushes ~ Spectrum Collections: nope - just because I was lucky enough to get sent a couple of their new brush sets *___* Sooner or later I will buy some of their individuals too, anyway. I just adore their brushes ♥____♥


Rose Golden Complete Eye Set ~ Zoeva: skipped. I preferred to invest in a handful of MAC brushes instead.

~ Accessories ~ 

False Lashes & Eye Lash Curler check and nope. I did try a couple of MAC lashes (l-o-v-e them. I want them all!) but I didn't buy the curler. Honestly, I ended up not feeling the need of an eyelash curler, that why I gave up.

~ Extra ~ 
(Source: Amazon)

Brush Tree: check! And I'm so glad I bought it - it makes brush drying sooo easier! I'll probably buy one more, because I have lots of brushes and one is not enough XD I highly recommend to get one, keep an eye on Amazon - they're frequently on sale!

That's all! What about you?
If you replied to our tag at the beginning of the year, please do your report too!
We'd love to know how your 2016 was!

Sending you tons of love! Happy new year, may the 2017 be the best year ever! ♥

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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  1. buon Anno!
    Al solito commenti sparsi... XD

    - il gel Aloe e azulene mi pare di averlo provato in passato e pure amato (di quella linea ho provato quasi tutto), anche io non riesco a prenderlo
    per la reperibilità. Fitocose dalle mie parti si trova a fatica...

    - crema viso Bio marina: la amo e l'ho ripresa!

    - illuminanti... lamentati poco tu ne hai presi solo due!

    - blush: ah ah ah XD

    - rossetti: vorrei vedertelo Cosmic Dancer sai?

    - primer occhi... ammore!
    Sai che io per la prima volta in 7 anni non l'ho ancora ripreso?
    (sto usando la Lemon Drop che è aperta tipo da quasi 3 anni XD )

    - ombretti: sicura che siano solo 15?

    - glitter: te li approvo!

    - eyeliner: lol XD

    - matita occhi: Feline love!

  2. Ok, mi metto subito a rispondere al tag :)
    Il brush tree lo avevo inserito ma non l'ho mai acquistato, mi metto a spulciare amazon perchè mi serve. Punto.


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