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♕ Autumn 2016 Most Played ♕

Winter is just begun, which means it's Most Played time! To be more precise, it's time I show you my Autumn most used products!
Must say, I don't have a huge bunch of products to show you - I didn't buy anything new in terms of skincare, so this post is going to be pretty short I guess. And quite mono-thematic, since is all makeup stuff. 

As you can see, all these products are by MAC Cosmetics and NABLA Cosmetics, mainly the latter. 
Let's start with the eyeshadows, the pressed ones (guess what, all by NABLA). I gathered the ones I used the most during autumn in a Liberty Twelve and here's the full list (from top to bottom row, left to right):
- Frozen: after one year I still think it is the perfect silver eyeshadow I could wish for. Seems like metal, for real. It's stunning used wet as eyeliner! 
- Cleo: one of my favourite shadows from the Mermaid Collection. So gold, so bright *_* Perfect in every season, but especially fitting for autumn looks!
- Eternity: bright blue, still one of my favourite eyeshadows ever...
- Baltic:...along with is darker brother, Baltic. Which is so deep and intense that is a must to add depth in every blue-toned look.
- Calypso*: my favourite eyeshadow from the Mermaid Collection (on a tie with the next one). It's Super-Bright texture is the best ever, we need more and more shadows with this texture!
- Selfish*: it's unreal how much I love it. It's so sparkly, breathtaking. The kind of groundbreaking shade I tend to expect from NABLA. 
- Babylon: long-time favourite, a must have for every green/teal-toned look. (And you can tell I use Baltic and Babylon a lot, since I've hit pan on them!)
- Under Pressure*: lovely mermaid shade! A deep teal, like the depths of the sea *_* 
- Sensuelle*: my most loved highlighting colour for my inner corners, since day 1. So delicate but filled with tons of sparkles, so far it's my favourite from the Celestial range - along with Selfish.
- Antique White: thanks to the reflection on the pan you can't see the huuuge hole XD It was the first eyeshadow I hit pan on. I always use it on my brow bones - it's just the perfect shade.  
- Narciso: same as above, except that it is my favourite and most used transition shade ♥
- Mimesis: last but not least, the shade that solve problems like Mr. Wolfe XD

(In case you're wondering, I left out the newest shades from the Goldust Collection since they're, well, new XD I'm sure they'll be in the Winter Most Played though! ;D)

In terms of cream eyeshadows, I had the chance to try the Potion Paradise Collection (by NABLA, again) and Morning Glory, Petite Mélodie and Rea are the ones I used way the most. 
Morning Glory* is a nice eye base alternative to my usual eyeprimer (Shadow Insurance by Too Faced). I was worried it could interfere with the blending process, but it doesn't: blending is as easy as always. I'm very happy with it and I used it a LOT as eyeprimer.
Petite Mélodie* is my favourite in terms of colour but my least favourite in terms of application. I used it a lot, trying to figure out the proper way to apply it... Which, to me, seems to be by using a flat brush, building up the product very patiently. Not impossible, just hard and very time-consuming.
Rea*: I used it a lot as eyeliner. L-O-V-E it, seriously ♥

Lastly, I used non-stop the Brow Pot in Mars* - still not the most fitting shade for a redhead (unless you have auburn hair, and I don't)... And that's a huge shame because the more I use this product, the more I love it. 

Moving to face powders, leaving aside all the usual stuff (i.e. mineral foundation, finishing powder...). My most used blush is Impulse, from the Blossom Blush range by NABLA; my most used highlighter was Baby Glow and my most used sculpting shade was Gotham - both from the Shade & Glow range

Last but not least: lipsticks! That's where MAC comes in. Across the Universe was my most played NABLA Diva Crime, but I also used a lot two shades from MAC: one is the only Viva Glam I currently own, the Miley Cyrus I. The other has been my obsession lately, I got it in my last Back2MAC and I'm sooo happy with my choice: Chatterbox is so pretty! 80% of the time I would use it, with every look. 

That's it for my not-reallyexciting and very short autumn most played! 
What products did you use the most during the past season?

Disclaimer: i prodotti contrassegnati dall'asterisco mi sono stati inviati gratuitamente a scopo valutativo dall'azienda / Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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