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♕ Haul ♕ Nabla Cosmetics ~ Goldust Collection ♕

Yesterday was the first day of December - which means two things: Christmas is right around the corner, and NABLA's new winter collection - the Goldust Collection - just debuted. I've been at the local seller shop right away, so I had the chance to see all the products featured in this collection - and , while I was at it, I also purchased something, which I'm going to show you in this post.

This year's winter collection is seriously huge, the biggest ever released until now. Eight eyeshadows, one Crème Shadows, two Blossom Blushes, five Dive Crime lipsticks, two new limited edition Liberty palettes and - the icing on the cake - a brand new product: a liquid eyeliner!

The theme of this collection is the Belle Époque, its styles of art (Art Nouveau and Deco), its atmosphere, parties... And the gold colour of course.
Honestly though, just looking at the colours I feel I can't really grasp the soul of this collection. I feel like some shades are off topic, while others fit nicely the theme... Just like the Mermaid Collection, that, to me, felt somehow imbalanced thanks to a couple of shades. 
It is also supposed to be a Christmas collection but... I don't get any Christmas vibes, honestly. More like The Great Gatsby vibes for me!

Sticking to the subject, I'm a little sad that the eyeshadows range doesn't include any brand-new shades - meaning, something groundbreaking, never seen before. (Apart for that green shade that killed me a little, so to speak). There are pinks, copper, gold - mind you, shades that I personally like... yet all already-seen-before. I like the lipsticks range better - fits nicely the theme and also almost all the shades are new and original.
Anyway, this collection does introduce a couple of new things: first of all, the above-mentioned liquid eyeliner - 100% out of the blue, completely unexpected and probably the product that got me excited the most. (Must say I'm a little sad that they introduced just the gold shade... I need a black eyeliner by NABLA. Anyone feels the same?)
Secondly, they introduced a brand new eyeshadow texture - after the Super Bright, now it's the turn of the Super Matte texture. 

So this collection is innovative, in some ways... Just not as much as I wished it was, I guess. In terms of colours, mostly. I wait NABLA's seasonal collection like crazy, and this one let me down a little. My piggy bank and I were so ready to invest in some new NABLA eyeshadow (because they're always a good investment) but this collection is a bit unlucky for my needs - since most of the shades don't suit me. Sigh. 

Anyway, there is a couple of things that intrigued me quite a bit - and I simply could not skip a whole collection from my favourite brand! Right? Right!
So - as I said before - yesterday afternoon I went to my trusted seller and did some shopping!
Being on a tight budget, I had to be very selective - so I focused on the eyeshadows (you know, my biggest makeup addiction ever XD) and the new eyeliner (seriously, I HAD to try it, no matter what). Reluctantly, I left out the Crème Shadow, a blush, the two Diva Crimes that caught my attention (Arabesque and Dragonfire, in case you're wondering) and the two palettes. 
For this reason, since I ended up buying just a handful of products, this not meant to be an overview - just a lighthearted, chatty haul. 

Sooo here's what I bought: the eyeliner plus four eyeshadows (Luna, Snowberry, Danae and Glasswork).

Dazzle Liner in "Klimt"
"Lightly duochrome red gold."
As I previously said, I couldn't miss the eyeliner - I've been wishing for an eyeliner made by NABLA for ages, seriously. Again, I'm a little sad that it doesn't come in black - but I'm still excited for it! Plus, Klimt comes in a really new and unseen-before shade of gold. It's not just plain gold: it is rose/red gold, truly unique. Probably the most iconic and unique product of the entire collection! *_* (Bonus: love the name. Klimt is one of my favourite artist of all time, and matches so well this shade of gold!)

Such a shame that it's limited edition - I wonder why it is. Maybe it's just an experiment, a test run to see how it goes and how interested people is... Maybe it's the tip of the iceberg, the prelude of a new eyeliner range (that would be so cool!). I don't know, I guess we need to wait and see... Meanwhile, I'll keep my fins crossed ;D

"Light pink champagne. Bright"
Did you know I have a thing for pinks? I just cannot resist to them, and Luna makes no exception. It's very pale, yet pigmented. It's supposed to be the highlighter of the collection, but I already know that I will use it on my whole lids as main shade. Must look very pretty at the center of the lid in a halo eyes look. 

"Warm dusty rose. Satin"
I ran the risk with this shade, because it's quite warm - and warm shades tend not to look good on me (with some exception, of course"). Again, it's a pink/rose shade, and I couldn't resist to it. Kind of a rose gold, but not really at the same time. This is one of those shade that really fit the theme of the collection, in my opinion.
Haven't worn it yet, will do tomorrow hopefully... Let's all hope it will suit me XD

"Intense bronze-gold. Celestial"
When I saw it online, I had mixed feeling about it. I was curious and yet hesitant. I'm not into brown shade (as you may already know if you've been following me for a while), but those gold sparkles totally caught my attention.
It's the first shade I swatched as soon as I reached the shop. Thankfully (for me) I noticed that the dreaded bronze/brown base was way more bronze than brown - and that the gold/copper shimmer was just irresistible and beautiful. Another shade that fits perfectly the atmosphere of the collection. 

"Hazelnut-mauve. Celestial"
This particular shade is quite ambiguous to me - not in a negative way, though. The hazelnut base is really light, it barely shows up once applied - but the silver sparkles are very noticeable. It might have potential, I need to play around with it a little! 
(I also have a thing for Celestials, that's why I got it no matter how doubtful I was XD)

Regarding what I didn't purchase: Radikal and Paprica are the two shades featuring the new Super-Matte texture (which feels silky like no other) because of their colours... I was eager to try the new texture, but honestly I don't think I'd use those shades a lot. Paprika might have a chance, perhaps, but Radikal is simply anti-Ariel. Nope nope nope. 
I was ready to buy Ludwig because of its Super-Bright texture (since I love Calypso, first eyeshadow ever with this texture) but... I don't know, when I swatched it didn't look like a Super-Bright. Just a "common" bright. Really unimpressed, I decided to leave it there. 
Absinthe is simply not my cup of tea, as I don't like the brown base + teal shimmer combo (which is already-seen-before, fyi). 
Anyway 4 out of 8 eyeshadows overall is not bad - it could've been worse XD

I had to skip the rest of the collection because I couldn't afford any more, but if I could I'd buy Harper (the paler blush) because it seems to be such a cute and wearable shade - Satellite of Love (the darker) looks amazing but I'm not sure I would actually use that kind of shade. I'd also buy the Crème Shadow in Dusk (it's a golden pink, but still a pink, duh), and two or three of the new Diva Crime lipsticks. I'd go for Dragonfire and Arabesque - the first one is the most beautiful red I've ever seen, while the second is a nice medium berry shade I could deal with quite easily. I also got intrigued by Moulin Rouge - which didn't impress me when I saw it online... But totally reconsidered it once I saw it in person. Not sure it would fit me though... 
(The remaining two shades are Bye Bye Birdie - the nude - which is brownish and so a big NOPE, and Dilemma - the darkest and most eye-catchy of the collection... Which really scares me, lol XD Too dark, too brown, too everything XD).
Last but not least, I'd buy the two palette - both for storage and collection reasons. But I should be able to get them quite soon, I guess (I'm running low on space for the refills, so they're a serious need!).
Writing all this stuff down in my wishlist, for future reference, hehe. Thankfully none of these products are limited edition - just the gold packaging of the lipsticks is, but not the lipsticks themselves. 

Some quick swatches - and I really mean quick, just to show you what the shades looks like once applied on my skin. Glasswork and Luna are quite discreet - in their own way - while Danae really stand out... And Klimt is the most precious shade ever *__* I'm seriously in love, I'm pretty sure I will use it a lot in my upcoming makeup looks! 
NameGoldust Collection
Brand: NABLA Cosmetics

What is it?: Winter Collection
Consists of: 8 eyeshadows; 2 Blossom Blushes; 5 Diva Crime lipsticks; 1 Crème Shadow, 1 liquid eyeliner and 2 Liberty palettes.
Where to buy itWebsite - Various E-commerce websites - Various stores.
Other: Cruelty Free & Vegan; Made in Italy.

So we're done with this haul of mine! I hope you find it helpful somehow :D 
There is the traditional launch promo right now: 15% off on the Goldust Collection, 40% off on Christmas Sets and 50% off on worldwide shipping - ends on December 21. 

Have you already bought something from this collection? If so, what did you buy?
Also, tell me what's your favourite Goldust product!


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  1. Sono assolutamente d'accordo sull'eyeliner, se ne avessero incluso anche uno nero avrebbe avuto tutto più senso, anche se conoscendo Nabla, verrà introdotto a parte per dargli maggiore visibilità. Penso che i miei pezzi preferiti siano Ludwig, Paprika e Moulin Rouge. Avrei preferito che Dilemma fosse meno freddo ma ne concepisco la scelta.

    1. Molto probabile, personalmente non vedo l'ora che ne venga introdotto anche uno nero *_* Da eyeliner addicted quale sono, è uno dei prodotti che sogno da parecchio e che ora attendo con estrema impazienza! *___*

  2. Ho ordinato solo due pezzi e li proverò oggi per la prima volta. A dire il vero avrei preso molto di più perché adoro i toni caldi, peccato che mi stiano malissimo.
    Danae e Ludwig li trovo stupendi. Moulin Rouge particolarissimo. Klimt magari prima o poi lo prenderò se sarà possibile, vedremo.

    1. Cos'hai preso? Sono curiosa :D
      Moulin Rouge è veramente particolare, mi ha piacevolmente sorpresa - l'immagine del comunicato stampa non gli rende neanche lontanamente giustizia.
      Klimt è da avere secondo me - al di là della questione limited edition, è proprio un colore molto particolare ed originale... Non il classico oro, ecco!

  3. Io sto ancore decidendo cosa ordinare di questa collezione, ma Klimt sarà un must! :D


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