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♕ Part of my World ~ Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadows ♕

Before leaving for makeup school, I got one of the most amazing present ever: twelve Sugarpill eyeshadows. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been admiring their eyeshadows for ages: they have amazing feedbacks, their price point is good (especially since the pans are so big) and they really look simply stunning. So you can imagine my excitement when I got them! *_* I’ve been playing with them for a while, so this is not going to be just a plain haul post, because I'll be also including my first impressions about these shadows. 

I did a Sugarpill wishlist a while back - and realized that there wasn't even one single shade that I didn't want. For the first time, I liked the whole range - and this never happens. But of course, there were shades that I wanted more than others - so my wishlist ended up looking like a ranking XD I put my favourites on top - and almost all of them are included in the selection you're going to see today. These shadows were all purchased on BeautyBay - two shades were sold out (Dollipop and Love +), hopefully I'll managed to get them later this year along with a couple of Pro Palettes - which were also sold out. Bummer ç_ç This is why I had to find a temporary accomodation for all these shadows - I bought a Wycon magnetic palette (the biggest one they had) which, as you can see, can hold exactly 12 Sugarpill pan, no one more. It's practical but not extremely sturdy though, so I can't wait to buy either some Z Palettes or the Pro Palettes (preferably the latter, as they're made to specifically hold these pans).
I'm regretting not putting the black (Bulletproof) and white (Tako) eyeshadows higher in my to-buy-first list: when I realized that I didn't own any pure white eyeshadows it was too late. Regarding Bulletproof, I could use a more pigmented black. Needless to say, now they're on top of my to-buy-next list XD

Let's focus on this selection. Twelve beautiful shades, almost all matte. I know, this is so weird since I'm all about shimmer and glitters and sparkles. But my style has changing and is constantly evolving, so in the past two years I felt the need to include matte shades in my looks - at first, only for blending purposes... Because matte blendings are the best, fins down. Then, gradually, I realized I wanted to experiment with matte colours more and more... And that's why I had all matte eyeshadows on top of my list! The only reason I got one non matte shade is because everything else was either sold out (like Dollipop and Love +), or lower on my list (like Tako and Bulletproof). 

I'm going to talk about the quality right away: these eyeshadows are great in any way. First of all, each shade is very true-to-pan, even the palest. In my opinion, they are more like pressed pigment than pressed eyeshadows, so I don't press the brushes on the pan too much. Along with being really pigmentated, these shadows are so easy to blend - to the point that they almost do all the work on their own *_* They're silky, fall out can occur if you pick up too much powder on your brush - but honestly it doesn't happen to me. 

Buttercupcake: "The brightest bright matte yellow with awesome opaque coverage"

Sounds crazy, I know - but this is my very first yellow eyeshadow. Never had/used one before, and I've never felt the need to own one, to be honest - until recently.
Weirdly enough, this is one of my new favourites XD It's  a bright, pure yellow - the colour of the sun. 
Acidberry: "Finally! The perfect vibrant matte lime green you've been looking everywhere for"

This is another kind of shade I've never felt the need to own and/or use. Acid green, simply as that. And still, I've used it quite a bit recently - mostly as transition shade, but I plan to try it as main lid colour of course :D
Flamepoint: "Vibrant matte orange" 

Orange is my least favourite colour, along with brown and friends. But it was another big lack in my stash that I needed to fill. Must say, it's quite a fun colour to use - especially during Halloween (check my Bat Wing look out, I used Flamepoint as main shade - so you can see it in action!). 

Suburbia"Flirty matte coral, doubles as a blush shade"

I'm tenderly in love with this shade! *_* It's a sweet, pinkish coral that looks beautiful both as eyeshadow and blush. Works wonderfully as transition shade, but also as main colour on the lid. 

Heart-Shaped Cookie"Soft matte beige - the perfect blending shade"

I have to agree with this definition: this is a perfect blending/transition shade. Really soft and nude, helps a lot to achieve a smooth, ethereal blending. It's almost the colour of my own skin, which makes it perfect to perfect any blending without adding any more shade to it. Don't underestimate shades like this!

Frostine: "Frosty pastel lavender for the sweetest of angels. Doubles as an all-over highlight shade!"

This is the only no-matte shade of this selection - but since it's really gently frosted, you can barely tell that it's not matte. It's very subtle, I love using it to highlight my inner corners - and of course as main lid shade... You know I'm all about lilacs, lavenders and friends XD

Home Sweet Home"Matte powder blue - retro chic!"

I've been looking for a Cinderella shade like this for years - seriously, years. I don't know why, but it's really hard to find baby blue shades like this one - especially in a matte finish.
It's great to blend any shades of blue, makes the blending so sophisticated and complete, if you get what I mean. It's now an irreplaceable shade for me, since I tend to do a lot of blue makeup looks.

MochiMatte mint seafoam.

Two words that always catch my attention in less than a second XD Could I miss this shade? No way! Iit was in my top three and I'm SO glad it wasn't sold out. It's so cute - like the others, it's a gorgeous transition shade but works wonderfully as the main lid shade (I do have a makeup look where I used it as such, I'll post it after Halloween - I'll put the link once it's up!). 

Kim Chi"An intensely saturated electric teal with a silky smooth matte finish. Created by Kim Chi, Chicago-based drag queen and live-action anime character"

Would you be surprised if I tell you this shade was n° 1 in my wishlist? Guess not XD 
It's the very first Sugarpill eyeshadow that ever caught my attention, and the one that a lot of girls recommended me the most. 
Aaaand... I love it XD Deeply and unconditionally. 

MidoriVibrant matte grass green.

When I think of emeralds, this is the exact shade that comes up in my mind. It's really bright and vibrant, beautiful if paired with Mochi and Kim Chi. This is definitely the greenest green I have in my stash - and since I was looking for a real emerald green, I've now accomplished this mission XD
2AM: "Matte purple"

Sugarpill has two shades of purple available: Poison Plum and 2AM. I put the latter higher in my wishlist because it looked different and warmer from the ones I already have. And it definitely is! A lovely shade of warm, bright purple - great for any kind of looks. I think I'll eventually buy Poison Plum, but I'm glad I got 2AM first. 

Velocity: "Vibrant matte royal blue" 

Last but not least, a beautiful blue shade. Quite electric, too!
It's the perfect partner for Home Sweet Time - they're made for each other (I've used them both along with Mochi in that look I've yet to post on here, I can't wait to show you!)
If you're looking for a bright shade of blue in a matte finish, consider buying this one!

Before moving on to the swatches, let's have a quick look at the pans' packaging and size. The pans are individually packed in the sweetest packaging ever: a white and pink cardboard 'envelope', with a heart-shaped clear window. Inside, the pan is securely held in place by a second cardboard lid, which both 'hugs' it and protects it - also makes easier and safer the extraction process. Other brands just insert the pan in a piece of cardboard - which can easily fall out while you extract the cardboard from the envelope. In this case you can safely take the cardboard lid out, because the pan is wrapped inside and won't fall out. 

Regarding the size... These pans are huge: 36 mm! For those of you who use NABLA, they're slightly smaller than the blushes/highlighters/bronzers pans. 
They hold 3,5 gr of product - which is a ton for an eyeshadow. Just think of MAC or MUG shadows, they all come in the smallest pan on the left (it's the most common pan size for eyeshadows) which holds 1.3 - 1.8 gr of product, depending on the brand . Considering this, the price/quantity ratio is really good: about 8 € each for 3,5 gr... Especially compared to MAC Cosmetics ones, which cost 14 € for 1,3 gr. 
Needless to say, the pans are magnetic - so they can fit any magnetic palette. Being so big, though, the more you have the bigger the palette has to be - unless you choose to have several palettes, but I find it unhandy. I rather prefer having less but bigger palettes, instead of tons of smaller ones. 
The following pictures are quite big, so click to enlarge!
Pictures taken with natural, cloudy daylight; products applied dry, using my fingers, on a non-primed skin.
My skin tone is NW15.

(Sorry for the lack of comparisons: the majority of this colours are unique in my stash, plus I didn't manage to take the pics before moving - and here I have a completely different lighting. I might do a separate blog post about comparisons in the future, though. Let me know if you want a specific comparison!)

Have you ever tried Sugarpill's eyeshadows? If so, which ones?
Any favourites? Let me know ;D

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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  1. OMG!!! Bramo i prodotti di S.P da una vita. Prima o poi ci andrò decisa sul sito di BeautyBay e li acquisto senza pensarci xD altrimenti non avrò mai nulla di questo brand. :D

    1. Ahahah ti capisco benissimo! Io non vedo l'ora di poter comprare altri loro ombretti - e soprattutto non vedo l'ora di mettere le pinne sulle loro Pro Palette, non solo sono un amore ma essendo pensate proprio per queste cialde sono semplicemente perfette ♥___♥

  2. Raramente ho visto una pigmentazione e un'omogeneità in ombretti matte, specialmente così colorati!
    Suburbia è semplicemente delizioso!

    1. Sono veramente un sogno, tra l'alta pigmentazione e la sfumabilità stellare *____*
      Verissimo, Suburbia è un colore delizioso e dolcissimo ♥__♥


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