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♕ Haul Lush ♕
{Repurchasing my long time favourites after years!}

What happens when your hometown's beloved Lush shop closes down and, about three years later, you move to a city that gives you access to Lush shops again? ;D

Story-time: I was extremely sad when the only one Lush shop in my hometown (and in the whole Sicily, actually) closed down two years and a half ago. I've tried so many Lush products in the past, loved a lot of them - but I also disliked some; I had several favourites and, when the shop closed, I kind of felt lost. I know, Lush has its own website and I could buy from there - but I was just too used to go to the shop, smell everything, try on stuff and be spoiled by the staff... I mean, who doesn't love to go to a Lush shop and be pampered? It's a whole different experience than just simply sitting down and buying online, if you know what I mean.
Long story short: I basically gave up. Sounds crazy, I know - but apart from some sporadic, small orders with a friend (Fede ♥), I simply quit and switched to different brands and products...

...Until a couple of weeks ago!
As I said a couple of posts back, I've recently moved to attend a makeup school - no wait, I think I stated I was attending makeup school but I didn't add that I also moved. Oh well, know you know XD Anyway, now I have access to Lush shops again and I literally dived into it. Headfirst.
And so here I am with a Lush haul for you guppies, after almost three years!

Of course, once I stepped in, the first impulse I had was to grab one of everything (lol) - but I managed to stay focused and bought only what I really needed. I didn't bring much skincare stuff with me when I moved (except for hair stuff, which I brought plenty) because I already had too many bags filled up with makeup products; also, considering that I was already out of some stuff before leaving (e.g. body cream), I focused on getting what I needed the most: face cleanser, makeup remover, toner, face moisturizer, body moisturizer. Basic stuff, yet essential.

Full of Grace (Amore) ~ Face Serum: it's a serum in solid form (the smaller bar in the picture), probably my very favourite Lush product. It's the first thing I grabbed once I stepped into the shop XD Being made out of oils and butters, it's highly nourishing - perfect for my currently dry skin - yet it's not greasy nor heavy. I use it at night, right before going to bed: my skin really drinks it and when I wake up in the morning it feels so soft and nourished. I've missed this product so much!

Aqua Marina (Acquamarina) ~ Fresh Cleanser: the second product I grabbed, I really missed this one too! *_* I remember trying it because of its strong ocean vibes (it contains seaweeds and sea salt - and the Italian website says it will give you the "skin of a mermaid" XD) and then ending up sticking with it because my skin really, really liked it. So yeah, I just had to be reunited with it XD I know a lot of people don't really like Aqua Marina because of the seaweeds (and the strong smell related) - but I honestly love it because of that XD

Let the Good Times Roll (Maisenza) Fresh Cleanser: same as above. Another long time favourite, another highly missed product. Unlike Aqua Marina, this one is slightly exfoliating - and has the most sweet scent EVER. I remember when it used to be a limited edition product and I wished for it to be permanent... And now it is! *_*
You might be wondering why I bought two different face cleansers: I alternate them, using Aqua Marina when I need something gentler, and using Let the Good Times Roll when I want to exfoliate my skin.

Ultrabland (Non Ti Scordar di Me) Cleanser: despite being labeled as 'cleanser', it truly is a makeup remover. It contains almond oil, so it's very gentle and nourishing  - and removes any kind of makeup easily (of course you'll need more and it'll take longer if you're wearing waterproof, log lasting products). My skin has been much more sensitive lately (which is crazy because it's been always sensitive... But now even more) and can barely stand micellar water - and rubbing irritates it; considering all of these, I decided to repurchase Ultrabland because I remembered its gentleness - and requires no rubbing, just a massage. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and nourished - which is exactly what I need!

Eau Roma Water (Acqua di Sole) Toner Water: while I was there, I decided to also grab a toner - which I haven't been using for quite some time. I used to use Tea Tree Water - but that's for combination/oily skin - so that's a big nope as of now. So I chose the one suitable for sensitive skins, meant to soothe, balance and calm the skin down. I was a little worried because it contains lavender water, and I cannot stand the scent of lavender at all... Luckily for me, since it also contains rose water, the rose covers the lavender - meaning that I can use it safely without feeling sick... And my skin seems to love it ;D

Tender is the Night Massage Bar: last but not least, I finally got to buy this massage bar! I remember smelling it at my hometown's shop right before it closed down, but I didn't have the chance to purchase it in time. Since I didn't bring any body cream/lotion with me, I realized I could totally get this one without feeling too guilty XD I'm really loving it, the scent is beyond amazing (jasmine *_*), it's easy to store and to apply, and leaves the skin so nourished, soft and lovely scented. I have a feeling this product will join my Lush favourites list XD

That's it (for now XD)! Hope you enjoyed my little haul!
Do you like Lush products? What are your most and least favourites?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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  1. Complimenti per queste belle cosine!
    Io è una vita che non compro da Lush, e dire che adesso ne avrei pure la possibilità, visto che hanno aperto un negozio in un posto che posso raggiungere con più facilità.

  2. Arielina, quanti acquisti da Lush! Pensa che c'è anche qui vicino, a Monza, ma non compro quasi mai niente perchè le poche volte che ho provato i loro saponi solidi per la doccia... la mia pelle li trovava sempre molto aggressivi. Ormai come prodotti per il corpo posso usare solo quelli con lo 0% di tutto.... Uffi!!! ;D

    1. Ricordo che me ne parlasti, evidentemente invece del sapone solido (che ad esempio io non uso, sono del team gel doccia forever XD) dovresti usare qualcosa di più delicato! Anche io credo che riscontrerei lo stesso problema, ho la pelle molto delicata e non credo che apprezzerebbe un sapone solido XD


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