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♕ Halloween 2017 ♕ The Joker ♕
{Feat. Glitter Palace}

Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Can't believe it's already October 31st, time really flies! Let's celebrate with a themed look - not the spookiest, not the creepiest and probably not the most original... But when I received the Halloween glitter collection by Glitter Palace, I saw that one of them was named after the Joker... And I knew I had to do a reboot look for this Halloween!

This look is very special to me because it's the very first one that 'features' my recent investment - my ring light. Since I've moved, I've been struggling with the lighting - to the point I realized that I had to buy one if I wanted to keep up my work on both this blog and my Instagram page. I definitely can tell the difference, can you as well? :D

Compared to last year version of Suicide Squad's Joker (which you can see here), this one is simpler in some ways - yet it's probably more character correct. I used more green shades, and the purple/black glitters are just the perfect addiction to complete this look. I kept the little "J" detail though (I loved it in last year's look) and added the laugh above my eyebrow (the Joker has this tattoo on his chest, I couldn't find a better placement on my eye XD). So glad I have the NYX Professional Makeup eyeliners, they made everything so easy - especially the Hella Fine liner from the That's the Point range. It has the finest tip ever, that's what I used for the "J" and the "hahahahaha" details!

After priming my lids, I started off by applying Midori eyeshadow by Sugarpill all over my lid, up to the crease and blending it towards the outer corner too (I wanted the green to be  really predominant). I blended it using Acidberry by Sugarpill until I created a soft, smooth V shaped-blending; to add depth and definition to the crease and outer corner I applied a pinch of Nocturne eyeshadow by NABLA (a matte black, simple as that). On my brow bone I applied Antique White eyeshadow by NABLA, as usual - and I used it to perfect the blending even more. Perfectionist much? XD
On my lower lid I applied 2AM by Sugarpill, and I defined my lower lashline using Nocturne; lastly, I applied Frozen eyeshadow by NABLA on my inner corner.

Now the liners: first of all, I did the main winged line, using the Epic Ink Liner* by NYX Professional Makeup. Not too thick, not too think, with less slanted (than usual) wing a small detail on the inner corner.
Using the Hella Fine* liner from the That's the Point range (again by NYX Professional Makeup) I did the "J" above my cheekbone and the "hahahahaha" above my eyebrow tail. And I this point... I realized that I hadn't applied my foundation yet D: Panic! I applied it and I dabbed it around the details the best I could (you can tell if you look closely around my eyebrow area). This is what happens when you're so excited about a look, to the point that you forget some steps along the way XD
Anyway, after fixing the foundation issue, I went ahead and applied the glitters: I used The Joker* loose glitters by Glitter Palace.
Finally, I completed the look by applying a black eyepencil on my waterline, false lashes and mascara.


- MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Foundation NW15 (foundation)


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Frozen(inner corner)
Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Midori(upper lid)
Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Acidberry" (crease, outer corner)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Nocturne" (crease, outer corner, lower lashline)
Sugarpill Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "2AM" (lower lid)
- Glitter Palace loose glitters in "The Joker"*
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Antique White" (brow bone)
- NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner*
- NYX Professional Makeup That's the Point liner "Hella Fine"*
- MAC Cosmetics Kohl Power Eye Pencil in "Feline
- MAC Cosmetics "Extended Play Gigablack Lash" Mascara
- Ardell Lashes Double-Up Lashes n° 203
- DUO White Eyelash Adhesive


- NABLA Cosmetics Brow Pot in "Mars"*


- 239 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 217 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 213 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 224 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 2x Short Smudge (A13)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set*, BombShell Set*)
- 2x Fluffy Pencil (A12)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set*, BombShell Set*)
- Large Fluffy Shader (A06) ~ Spectrum Collections (Siren Set)
- Accent Brush ~ Real Techniques
- 2x Precision Crease (A16) ~ Spectrum Collections
- Lip Liner (A15)* ~ Spectrum Collections (BombShell Set*)

Hope you enjoyed this look :D

Any plans for tonight? Are you going to dress up?
What kind of makeup look are you going to wear?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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  1. I colori del joker ci sono tutti in questo makeup!
    Apprezzo tanto i dettagli con l'eyeliner, soprattutto la risata :)
    Le sfumature che hai creato all'occhio sono sublimo, io mai e poi mai arriverò a tanto!

    1. Ho fatto del mio meglio per infilarceli tutti ahah XD
      Grazie, non potevo non inserirli - e poi erano perfetti per provare quell'eyeliner dalla punta superfine *-*
      Credimi con l'esercizio e la pazienza puoi arrivare a fare questo ed altro! ;D


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