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♕ The Pokémon Series ♕ Vaporeon ♕
{Eeveelutions Mini Series}

Time for a new Pokémon inspired look! After Eevee, the unevolved base form, let's move to its evolutions - or, as they're usually called, its eeveelutions.
Eevee, as of now, can evolve in 8 different species - all different and absolutely unique.
I followed their chronological, generations order so I started with Gen I ones - and I absolutely had to do my favourite first... Vaporeon, the water-type eeveelution! (It's such a cutie! ♥)

Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon.
Type: Water
"Lives close to water. Its long tail is ridged with a fin which is often mistaken for a mermaid's. As it uses the fins on the tip of its tail to swim, it blends with the water perfectly. "

I'm sure I don't need to explain why Vaporeon is one of my long-time favourite Pokémon - as well as my favourite eeveelution (along with Sylveon, which debuted in Gen VI so it'll be the last one featured!) :D
I was eager to create its look first, so I made Gen I eeveelutions makeup looks based on my personal preference: Vaporeon first, then Flareon (the fire-type one) and lastly Jolteon (the electric-type one).

I had to brainstorm quite a bit before coming up with the perfect look. I wanted to include all Vaporeon's main features: its colours plus the mermaid-like tail, the yellow fins on its head, the white ruff around its neck... It wasn't easy to make all of these fit on the eyelid, but I managed to succeed! *_*

After the eyeliner step, I applied a turquoise eyepencil all over the lid as a base - and I later used that to draw the fin design on the outer corner, too. I applied my favourite light blue pigment - Dreamy Aquamarine by U-Makeitup - on the eyelids, pressing it into the base underneath, and also on the lower lid.
On the crease I applied Chatter Mark eyeshadow by NABLA Cosmetics, blending it with Fossil as I wanted it to be subtle and very gentle. Then, I added just an hint of blue using Eternity eyeshadow by NABLA - just to give an extra touch of blue, but I kept it barely noticeable.  On the brow bone, needless to say, I applied Antique White eyeshadow by NABLA, while on the inner corner I applied a pure white pigment - to represent the white ruff.
Time to draw the tail design, so I used the turquoise eyepencil again and drew something like a thick eyeliner wing on the outer corner, adding the fins at the end of it. When I was happy with the design, I took Dreamy Aquamarine again and pressed it into the base - both to fix it and to add colour.

Before moving to the yellow fins I had to apply the eyeliner - which I made by mixing two different eyeshadows I no longer own (and I don't remember their names, sorry!). I wasn't aiming for an ombrè eyeliner but that's what came out XD Looks pretty good, actually.
After tracing a classic winged line, I used a white eyepencil to loosely draw the fins shape - then I applied a pale yellow pigment on it. Using Nocturne eyeshadow by NABLA Cosmetics, I added details and definition to the fins - finally mimicking the same look and shape of Vaporeon's. I applied the same black eyeshadow on the lashline, and after that I applied a black eyepencil on the waterliner.
Lastly, I applied false lashes and mascara - which completed the look.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
Neve Cosmetics Pastello Occhi in Cielo/Turquoise
Neve Cosmetics Pastello Occhi in Piuma/White
Neve Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in "White Bunny" (inner corner*discontinued*
U-Makeitup Mineral Eyeshadow in "Dreamy Aquamarine"* (upper and lower lid)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Eternity" (crease, outer corner)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Chatter Mark(crease)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Fossil(transition colour)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Antique White" (brow bone)
MWW4U Mineral Eyeshadow n° 052  (details *discontinued*
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Nocturne" (lower lashline)
- MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in "Feline
- NABLA Cosmetics "Le Film Noir" Mascara
MAC Cosmetics False Eyelashes n° 34


- MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow in "Strut"


- 239 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 217 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 213 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 224 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- London Blending Neve Cosmetics *discontinued*
- London Detail Neve Cosmetics *discontinued*
- Short Smudge (A13)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set)
- Colour Applicator (A07)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Bombshell Set)
- 2x Fluffy Pencil (A12)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set, Bombshell Set)
- Large Fluffy Shader (A06) ~ Spectrum Collections (Siren Set)
- Glossy Liner Neve Cosmetics *discontinued*
- 2x Lip Liner (A15)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Bombshell Set, Siren Set)

Hope you liked this makeup look!
I'm really proud of it, it came out exactly as I pictured it in my mind! *__*
It's surely my favourite Eeveelutions make up look! Probably because it's also very, VERY mermaid-y XD

{Coming up: Flareon}

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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  1. Wow, quanto è bello l'ombretto minerale che hai usato! È l'emblema del Pokemon da te scelto che, tra parentesi, non ricordavo :)

    1. Confermo, questo ombretto è assolutamente perfetto per Vaporeon :D Credo che anche Poolside di Makeup Geek si presti bene sai? È leggermente più scuro, ma proprio leggermente, però sarebbe altrettanto emblematico *.*

  2. very cute make up, thank you for sharing. Im new to the blogging community, its nice to meet you. Have a lovely day

    1. Thank you for your comment and welcome to the blogging community! ♥


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