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♕ My Beauty Routine ♕ Part 1: Skincare {2017} ♕
{Mini Reviews}

I don't recall when I last wrote a post about my skincare/haircare routines... A couple of years ago, to say the least, I guess. It's definitely time for a big update, don't you think? :D

I decided to split the two routines and write a post each, since I have quite some products to show you. Today I'm going to share my current skincare routine (lipcare & bodycare included) and focus on all the products I use ♥

Purifying Face Cleansing Gel with Lemon Flowers ~ MaterNatura

It's a clear gel with a lovely lemon fragrance and a purifying effect. I bought it last summer because of this, since my skin tends to be slightly oily during warm seasons. I was worried that it wouldn't work during wintertime, when my skin gets back to normal and may experience some random dryness. Thankfully, seems like I can use it all year round. As of now, I use it only in the morning - while on summer I used it both in the morning and night time. 
It cleans the skin deeply yet gently, leaving it soft and fresh - a treat, especially in the morning. I completely wake up only after this step XD I apply it on damp skin with my fingers, and wash it off with fresh water and a soft, natural sponge.
Final note: the lemon scent is lovely and remarkable, at least for those of us who like lemons. If you don't like this kind of fragrance, I'd suggest smelling a tester before purchasing!

Damage-preventing Face Emulsion ~ Biofficina Toscana

I've been using this cream for quite some time now - more than one year I think - this is the second pack and as you can see in the main picture it's almost used up. I love this cream for winter time: it's nourishing and moisturizing, but not heavy or greasy. But on summertime it feels a little heavy, so I stop using it as soon as the temperatures rise up. 
The scent is gentle and non-invasive. It's supposed to be a mixture of rose and chamomile, but I smell mostly the rose - and that's perfectly fine because it's one of my most loved scent ever!
The pack is also my favourite: airless and clear, meaning that the product is well protected and you can also see how much cream is left... So you don't have to guess just by feeling the weight. 

Damage-preventing Face Emulsion ~ Biofficina Toscana

This serum is a little gem, seriously. I've been using it for more than one year too and I haven't used it up yet. 
It's a yellowish liquid with a subtle, floral scent. During winter time, I apply it wherever I need more hydration - after I've applied the face cream. 
On summertime, I only use this serum and totally skip the cream. It gives me the right amount of hydration I need, without being/feeling heavy.
It's a life-saver product when I have colds and the skin of/around my nose chaps and cracks very, very badly. When that happens, I can't stand any kind of cream - because they all give me a burning sensation. This is the only product I can apply to sooth and relieve my chapped skin with zero burning. And this is why I'll buy this serum forever and ever!
The pack is not my favourite - because is made of glass and that makes me feel nervous XD I'm always scared I'll drop/break it. On the other end, though, the pipette is so handy to dose the product correctly. 

Eye Area Anti-Wrinkle Treatment ~ Biofficina Toscana

Another long time favourite by Biofficina Toscana. Can you tell I love this brand so much??
It's a white, gently scented eye cream that soaks in the skin quickly, moisturizing the skin without any greasy effect. The thing I love the most about this product is that it doesn't interfere with makeup, so I can apply it whenever I feel the need - and not only at night, for example, like I had to do with another eye cream. 
I'm sticking to this product and probably will for a long time, because it feels like the right eye cream for my needs - slightly dry eye skin in winter time, slightly dry in summertime. 
During cold seasons I apply it twice per day (morning and night), while during summer I tend to apply it only at night because it's enough - plus it feels so good and fresh! *__*
I can't say anything regarding the anti-wrinkle effect, as I don't have any (and I didn't buy it for that purpose, obviously).

Red Berry Face Scrub ~ Biofficina Toscana

I'm always a little hesitant when it comes to face scrubs - having a sensitive skin, I need gentle products that works without being aggressive.
When this product came out I basically took the plunge - keeping my fins crossed, hoping it would suit my needs. And it does! The red berry granules are not-so-tiny, but thanks to the dense and rich formula this scrub is not too strong.
 The skin feels cleaned and lighter - it's actually quite hard to describe! Some redness may occur but nothing serious - it's just a natural consequence after the rubbing, nothing like irritations. 
I use it once a week - no need for more frequent applications - and after this scrub I always apply a soothing face mask, to relieve my skin after the rubbing.

Pink Clay Mask ~ Cattier Paris

A well-know face mask that deserves an award, a medal, something XD 
It's a pinkish, dense paste (so to speak) suited for sensitive/reactive skins but can work for basically any skin types. 
Two words: it is amazing! (Uhm, maybe those were three words? XD)
I apply a thick layer and leave it on for about ten minutes (something less during winter). In the meantime, I make sure it doesn't dry out, so I keep the mask wet a sponge. Then I wash it off and the skin feels so smooth, toned and refreshed - and also looks glowing. 
I use this mask regularly once a week, after the face scrub previously described. Relieves the skin wonderfully! I highly recommend this mask to whoever has reactive, sensitive, redness-prone skin!
(Please note: don't forget shake it well before use! It's crucial!)

Red Berry Micellar Solution ~ Biofficina Toscana

Favourite makeup remover so far, fins down. I struggle with finding removers that actually works nicely without giving that terrible stinging/burning sensation in my eyes. 
Luckily for me, this one doesn't irritate my eyes in any way - it's very, very gentle, and yet it's also very effective. No matter if I'm wearing an artistic, graphic look with tons of shadows and eyeliner and so on... This micellar solution works excellently, removing any kind of product almost effortlessly.
Plus, it doesn't need to be rinsed off - for real. It leaves the skin perfectly clean, without that annoying sticky sensation some removers leave on the lids/skin which forces you to wash your face. And that's a great quality in my opinion! 
Make sure you don't pour too much liquid - less is more, trust me!

Luscious Lip Scrub & Luscious Lip Repair Cream ~ Biofficina Toscana

My nigh time treat for my lips. Having genetically dry lips no matter what, I must take care of them on a daily basis. Lots of water and tons of lip balm during the day, and before going to bed I scrub them with this sweet (by name and nature!) lip scrub by Biofficina. I rub it all over the lids and then wash it off (I usually do this step wight before I brush my teeth, so I can remove all the grains easily).

There's also the matching repairing cream, which I generously apply all over the lips and around them. It is supposed to have also a plumping effect - but I never experienced it to be honest. Which it's perfectly fine, because I was looking for a moisturizing lip cream, not a plumping cream XD 
It's not the most hydrating lip cream in the world, but I think it's okay as a night treatment! And the repair effect is quite noticeable, I use this cream whenever I'm about to apply lipstick and need to "hide" chappy lips, as it doesn't interfere with the lipstick. 

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream ~ MaterNatura

Lastly, the most recent new entry in my routine. I've been searching for a proper hand cream for ages - I just couldn't find anything that met my requirements. 
First of all, a small pack - easy to use up and to carry around if needed, possibly a tube. Second of all, something with a nice but not overwhelming scent - as I tend to use hand cream at night and strong fragrances can give me headaches... Third, I needed an effective yet not too rich cream, because I don't have crazily dry hands.
When this new cream by MaterNatura was launched I got instantaneously curious. I tried it chez Bio Make Up Shop and suddenly fell in love with it. I recently had the chance to purchase it and I'm glad I finally got it! It comes in five different scent options and I chose the Cherry Blossom one, my favourite!
The cream is very nourishing but not heavy/sticky at all; gets absorbed easily and quickly by the skin, so if I apply it during the day I don't get slippery hands XD
So much love for this product ♥

I'm not using anything specific for my body, as of now. I'm going through all the samples I've been accumulating for years - it's time for a good declutter - and so I basically switch body cream every few days. Yes I had an huge sample stash XD Regarding foot-creams, I'm just using the body creams there too. While I do know which body cream buy once I'm done with the declutter, I have no clue about the foot cream - so I am open to suggestions!

That's all, congratulations if you managed to get through all of this XD
What's your current skincare routine? Do we have any products in common?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥
Disclaimer: All the products featured in this post were purchased by me.

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