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♕ My Makeup Essentials ♕
{Mini Reviews}

If you've been following me (or reading my blog) for a while, then I'm sure you noticed that I am quite set in my ways when it comes to certain kind of products. Lots of people loves to switch products frequently, in order to always try new stuff. But personally, once I find a product that works perfectly for my needs, I'll just stick to it for the longest time - until my needs changes, or the product is discontinued, or something new catches my attention to the point I decide to switch.
This usually applies especially for skincare products; but, in terms of make up products, it applies to to things like mascara, eyeprimer, eyepencil, brow products (you know, the basic stuff) but it doesn't to eyeshadows and lip products, for example. In that case I am always willing to try new products/shades XD

That being said, I thought you could use an overview post about all the makeup products I currently can't live without - aka my essentials, holy grails - with mini reviews of each of them!
(I did not include any skincare-related product on purpose, because I'm working on a blog post about my current skincare routine!) 

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Shadow Insurance ~ Too Faced

I've been using this eye primer for more than two years now: it is probably the most important product of my entire makeup stash. Irreplaceable.
When I switched to it (I used a non-silicone primer back then) I could tell the difference after the very first try. I could feel the eyeshadow gliding on the lids so easily, and the blending was effortless.
This primer makes the lids silky and all the eyeshadow look more vibrant, rich and more blendable than before. Meaning that helps a lot with less pigmented or hard-to-blend shadows.
The formula is very light and dries fast. No creases, no fading.
Makes the eye look last for ours and ours. From morning till night, to say the least. With either high and low temperatures. I am so fond of this primer that I haven't tried out the Urban Decay Primer Potion samples I have yet XD

Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline ~ MAC Cosmetics

I'm really picky when it comes to eye pencils: I want them to be really pigmented and long lasting on the waterline, and on the lid too - as I love using them as colored bases. And, it must cause me no reactions, of course. It's not easy to find a pencil that has all these qualities, but Feline meets my requirements perfectly.
It's extremely pigmented (probably the blackest pencil I ever owned), never caused me a single irritation (wherever I applied it) plus it's flipping good when used as base. It has a creamy formula that doesn't dry super fast, so it's both very easy to apply and to blend. Once it dries, it basically locks down to the skin.
On the waterline lasts nicely - of course it also depends on how much watery your eyes are - with a great colour payoff. I also like to apply it on the lashline, smudging it with a short bristled brush and then fixing it with a black eyeshadow. Love that deep blended effect!

Le Film Noir Mascara ~ NABLA Cosmetics

Lashes are definitely my Achille's heel. Medium-to-short and barely curved. Definitely not doe eyes material.
I have resigned to the fact that no mascara will ever dramatically change how my lashes look - no matter how volumising or curling or lengthening it could be. The result is just temporary - my lashes won't stay curled even if I use an eyelash curler.
That being said, I've been using Le Film Noir for about two full years now and I think it's the best mascara I've ever tried, for my needs.
I'll be honest, it doesn't curl/volumise my lashes significantly - but can tell I'm wearing it, anyway. The thing I absolutely LOVE about this mascara is its weightless formula. Having sensitive eyes, I can't stand heavy formulas overall - especially in mascaras. This one, as I said, is weightless: I apply it and I completely forget I'm wearing it. I simply don't feel it on.
The formula is also creamy and rich, but never sticky. The colour is deep black, which is a must for me when it comes to mascara.
I also love the triangular, drop-shaped wand, which can reach even the smallest lashes.

Eyeshadow in Antique White ~ NABLA Cosmetics
White ivory. Soft Matte.

My favourite brow bone shade, hands down. It's a real ivory shade, so it doesn't give a too bright, clown-like effect - either if used on the brow bone or all over the lid. Before buying Antique White, I used a pure white pigment as brow bone shade... But the result was just too white, if you know what I mean. That's why I grew fond of Antique White so quickly and I always use it!
Works excellently as transition shade too (though I rarely use it as such because I prefer more noticeable colours).
Its texture, as the name suggests, is really soft (feels sooo silky!) and perfectly matte.
You can tell how much I use it... I have hit pan on it a while back and the hole gets bigger and bigger day after day!

(*)Brow Pot in Mars ~ NABLA Cosmetics
Warm red-brown. Suggested for mahogany, auburn, warm brown and strawberry-blonde hair.
Brow Universe Overview here

To be honest, this is a temporary essential (I'll tell you why in a second) - I was unsure whether to feature it in this post or not, actually... But it really deserves to be mentioned, and I've been using it on a daily basis for months, so here it is!

It's a brow gel - as you can probably tell. Has excellent texture and formula: easy to apply and blend (quickly because it dries fast and once it does it won't move) and extremely long-lasting.
Allows to achieve both natural or sharp, defined brows. Either way, it lasts from morning till night without fading.
The only reason why it is just a temporary essential is its shade: even though it's supposed to be for redheads, it doesn't match my hair colour. It's not red enough - I'd say it's a good shade for auburn hair, but I have copper-red hair. I wish it had just an extra hint of red - then I would be perfect!
Nevertheless, this product is really high quality - highly recommended. It also made me realize I prefer brow gels over brow pencils XD

Prep + Prime Fix + ~ MAC Cosmetics

Last but not least, the well-know Fix +. A colorless, multi-purpose, gently scented mist.
I love spraying it before and after makeup - makes my skin feel so fresh and hydrated.
It's also great to make eyeshadows wet and enhance their pigmentation (I pick up the powder with the brush and then I spray it on the brush, never the opposite, I don't like to get the pans wet).
But, most importantly, I use it to create my own eyeliner(s): I gently scratch some eyeshadow from the pan, pour a couple of drops of Fix +, then I mix it and voilà - a nice, custom-made eyeliner is ready to be applied!
I use this little trick to obtain both black and colored liners,
For all these reasons, Fix + is a must have, irreplaceable product for me! (I also love the pack, with a safety mechanism that block the sprayer when needed)

You probably expected also my black eyeliner to be featured in this post - but, truth is, my black eyeliner consists in a black (discontinued) mineral pigment that I mix with Fix + (see procedure described above). And honestly, I look forward to buy a real eyeliner - something in pen, like the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D. That method is fun and useful, but not practical for daily uses.

Hope this post helpful may be useful!
Let me know if you want a more in-depth review of one (or more) of the products I listed!

What are your essential, must have products?
Any product in common? 

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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  1. Mio dio non sapevo che Too Faced avesse modificato il packaging carinissimo dello Shadow Insurance, io ho ancora quello vecchio, adesso è ancora più carino. Non delude proprio mai!

    1. Il restyling risale ad un annetto fa in realtà, sai? All'inizio non ne ero troppo contenta, anche io ho avuto quello vecchio e lo trovavo adorabile! Però, una volta acquistato e visto dal vivo, mi sono ricreduta: anche questo packaging è bellissimo *___*

  2. Adoro leggerti, non c'è niente da fare.
    Io dei prodotti che hai inserito in questo post ho provato solo il Fix+, dico la verità. E lo adoro! Lo uso prima del makeup e con gli ombretti, esattamente come fai tu :D
    Sono curiosa di provare lo Shadow Insurance, ma ho paura che possa far macello sulla mia palpebra grassa. Adesso sto usando qualcosa di decisamente più economico e secco. Vedremo se mi convinco a provare altro :P

    1. Grazie di cuore, che gioia mi dai *_*
      Io tendo ad avere la palpebra leggermente grassa d'estate e fortunatamente la Shadow Insurance regge, però non posso garantire che funzioni su una palpebra molto grassa! L'ideale sarebbe che lo provassi prima di acquistarlo, visto che non è esattamente un prodotto economico!

  3. Che bello questo post... averne, di routine makeuppose così consolidate da finire un prodotto dopo averlo iniziato.. XD

    1. Ahah non credere, a parte questi prodotti qui e qualche altro di skincare non è che io riesca a finire molto altro XDDD


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