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♕ The Mermaid Series ♕ Dark Siren Eyes ♕
{Feat. Nabla Cosmetics ~ Mermaid Collection}

Today's makeup is the last one I made using only the eyeshadows from the Mermaid Collection by NABLA Cosmetics - don't worry though, this series is not ended at all! I will never, never run out of mermaid looks ;D

This final look features deep shades, bright eyeliner, both sparkly and matte shadows - makes me think of sirens, dangerous enchantresses of the deepest and darkest seas. I'm so excited to be able to finally post it here, I love this makeup so much *_*

When I created this look I wanted to try to use Under Pressure over a black base and Calypso as eyeliner. So I went for the halo eyes technique, instead of my usual gradient/smokey eyes.

Almost every time I do halo eyes I use a pencil as base, to mark the parts of the eyelid where I need to place the darker shade, leaving the centre empty (sometimes I use a second, lighter pencil there). So this time I used a black eyepencil - as always, Feline by MAC Cosmetics, my current holy grail black pencil. Let's see the procedure in depth.

First of all, eyeprimer; second of all, black eyepencil: I applied it everywhere on the lid, apart from the centre - which I left empty, this time. Then I applied Under Pressure wherever I applied the eyepencil, gently pressing the powder over the black pencil.
On the empty space - the centre - I applied one of the beautiful Celestial eyeshadows: Selfish, the mermaid scale's colour of this collection. I did the same on the lower lid.

Then I worked on the crease: first of all I used Mimesis to gently and softly blend Under Pressure (and I did so on the lower lid too); then I used a mix of Peach Velvet and Narciso as main transition colour - followed by a lot of wax on, wax off. And I mean A LOT. I patiently blended and blended, adding from time to time an hint of Peach Velvet and Narciso when needed. Lastly, I used Fossil to soften more the transition. You can tell I really worked on that blending XD

Now the fun part: bright eyeliner! I gently scratched Calypso and collected the powder into a small jar, then I poured a couple of drops of Fix + into the jar. I mixed it with my eyeliner brush, until I reached a not too liquid not too dense mixture - and then I just applied it like aI would do with a normal eyeliner.

Final touches: Antique White on my brow bone, my beloved highlighting combo Sugar+Sensuelle on my inner corner, black eyepencil (Feline, again) on my waterline and lashline, false lashes and mascara.

This is, without any doubt, one of my favourite look I made so far for the Mermaid Series - and also one of my favourite ever *_* Loved the result, Under Pressure is breathtaking when applied over a black base, Selfish looks so good with it and Calypso confirms is beauty and versatility. I love it to the point it was one of the three candidates makeup looks for the author picture on the blog homepage (but as you can see it didn't won). 

NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Sugar"* (inner corner)
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Sensuelle"* (inner corner)
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Under Pressure"* (upper and lower lid)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Selfish"* (upper and lower lid)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Mimesis(crease)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Narciso(transition colour)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Peach Velvet(transition colour)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Fossil(transition colour)
- Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Antique White" (brow bone)
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Calypso"* (used wet as eyeliner)
- MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in "Feline" (black base, waterline, lashline)
- Nabla Cosmetics "Le Film Noir" Mascara
MAC Cosmetics False Eyelashes n° 36


- MAC Eyebrows in "Strut"


- 239 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 217 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 213 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 224 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- Azure Shadow Neve Cosmetics
- Large Fluffy Shader ~ Spectrum Collections
- Fluffy Pencil* ~ Spectrum Collections x2
- Tall Tapered Blender ~ Spectrum Collections x2
- Glossy Liner Neve Cosmetics *discontinued*
- Lip Liner ~ Spectrum Collections
- Pink Detailer Neve Cosmetics
- Emerald Shader Neve Cosmetics

I hope you enjoyed this look!
Have you ever tried to use a NABLA eyeshadow wet as eyeliner? 
What's your favourite eyeshadow from the Mermaid Collection?

*Disclaimer: i prodotti contrassegnati dall'asterisco mi sono stati inviati gratuitamente a scopo valutativo dall'azienda / Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

11 commenti:

  1. Calypso come eyeliner..adoro!!
    Sei troppo brava, davvero *-*
    E' un capolavoro!!

    1. Calypso è un ombretto spettacolare sotto tutti i punti di vista *___*
      Grazie, tu sei sempre un tesoro! ♥ *_*

  2. è splendido!!!! *-* *-* veramente wow!!!!


  3. Moooolto abissale!!! Mi piace un sacco! :)
    Ma quando fai questi bellissimi make up poi esci? E hai anche i look abbinati di abiti?

    1. Grazie tesoro *_*
      Yes! Tutti questi della Mermaid Series li ho tenuti su per uscire ;D Sì quando posso abbino i look all'abbigliamento, è una cosa che adoro XD

    2. Sarebbe carino vedere anche l'outfit, o almeno le sue parti salienti! A me piacerebbe, conoscendoti sarebbe pieno di dettagli a tema! ^^

  4. Slaaaaaaay!!! This look it's amazing! Scusami per il mio pessimo inglese xD ma non sapevo cosa dirti, se non, le solite frasi stra sentite. :D Adoro mimesis, e quel eye-liner è spettacolare. *-* Me ne sono innamorata =)

    1. Ahahah ma tranquilla!! Puoi commentare come preferisci ♥
      Se hai Calypso devi provarlo come eyeliner, dal vivo era ancora più spettacolare che in foto! *_*

  5. Calypso come eyeliner è geniale *_* bravissima tu.... inutile dirlo vero? *_*

    1. Grazie, troppo gentile tu *_* Calypso è veramente splendido in qualsiasi modo lo si utilizzi! ♥_♥


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