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♕ Halloween 2016 ♕ Harley Quinn ~ Suicide Squad ♕

Second Halloween look, featuring a trending character that is surely going to be one of the most popular Halloween costume this year: Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie!
This was requested on Instagram by one of my followers, which really made me happy - I love requests and had so much fun creating this look! 

As you can see my look is a little bit different from the original - I wanted to stick to it but, at the same time, I also wanted to add my personal touch. As always.
So, instead, of one colour per eye, I used both red and blue altogether. I think it's a nice twist - plus these two colours works greatly together! It's a very easy and quick look to make, and sooo much fun when it comes to the smudge-on-purpose part. The more smudgier, the messier - the better! 

First step, eyeprimer. For the red parts I used a red lip pencil as a base - since I don't own any bright pure red shadows I needed a little help. I blended/smudged it with my finger, then I applied Fahrenheit by NABLA Cosmetics - just a thin layer, to keep the lip pencil in place without altering the red shade. For the blue parts I used just an eyeshadow - Eternity by NABLA, bright and pigmented on its own so no blue base needed. I applied it on the outer part of the lid and on the outer corner, blending it into the crease. I smudged it on the outer corner almost randomly, both using fingers and various brushes. I used a white pigment to give the illusion of watery streaks - which you can barely see in picture, sadly. As I said before: the smudgier and messier the better, there's no wrong way or right way. 

I used the same white pigment as transition shade and on the inner corner - kept it very simple. 
The original movie look didn't include any dramatic and graphic eyeliner (just a smudge touch I guess) but I did a long and thing line anyway XD I also applied a black eyepencil on the lower waterline and lashline, this time just gently blending it - like I usually do for my looks. 
I applied false lashes and mascara, blended a soft touch of Antique White on my brow bone and lastly, the icing on the cake, I draw a small heart right below my lower lid. 

And we are done! So happy with the final result, it's exactly like I wanted it to be. Probably one of the easiest look I've ever made - but sooo eye-catching! I think that a lighter and brighter blue would fit better - but I do my best and use what I own. That being said, anyway, Eternity did its job wonderfully *-*

If you're going be Harley Quinn for Halloween and you want (or need) this look to be closer to the original one, just use one colour per eye - easier and quicker ;D
This look must go with bright red lips, needless to say u.u Keep them well defined or smudge them too - as you prefer. If I had to choose, I'd go for defined lips, to contrast the messy eye makeup!

Neve Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in "White Bunny" (inner corner, crease, outer corner*discontinued*
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Fahrenheit(upper and lower lid)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Eternity"* (upper and lower lid, crease, outer corner)
- Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Antique White" (brow bone)
Jade Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow in "Black" (used wet as eyeliner*discontinued*
- MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil in "Feline
- Nabla Cosmetics "Le Film Noir" Mascara
MAC Cosmetics False Eyelashes n° 34


- MAC Eyebrows in "Strut"


- 239 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 217 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 213 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 224 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- Large Fluffy Shader ~ Spectrum Collections
- 2x Fluffy Pencil* ~ Spectrum Collections (BombShell/Marbleous)
- Tall Tapered Blender ~ Spectrum Collections
- Stubby Shader* ~ Spectrum Collections (BombShell)
- Short Smudge* ~ Spectrum Collections (BombShell/Marbleous)
- Glossy Liner Neve Cosmetics *discontinued*

I hope you liked this look!
Have you seen Suicide Squad already? Do you like this version of Harley Quinn?

*Disclaimer: i prodotti contrassegnati dall'asterisco mi sono stati inviati gratuitamente a scopo valutativo dall'azienda / Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

12 commenti:

  1. wow! it's very beatiful!!!

  2. Bellissimo look come sempre! Hai ragione, questa versione con entrambi i colori in un solo occhio è originale e più portabile! ;)

  3. ma a te sta bene sempre tutto come è possibile!!! -.- odio profondo -.- scherzo xD è stupendo *-* devo provare a riprodurlo :)


    1. Ahah no dai, ti garantisco che ci sono colori/look che mi stanno decisamente male XD
      Grazie, fammi sapere se lo riproduci! *_*

  4. mi piace moltissimo questo makeup! penso lo replicherò perchè mi vesto da harley ahahhahha

    1. Grazie!! Se vuoi mantenere la versione mia (rosso e blu assieme e non divisi per occhio), potresti invertire lo schema di colori in modo da avere comunque gli occhi diversi - spero si sia capito cosa sto cercando di dire XD
      Eh Harley sarà il personaggio più gettonato XD

  5. Fantastica questa proposta! Il fatto che tu abbia voluto includere entrambi i colori contemporaneamente lo rende molto originale! :D

  6. io l'ho visto a settembre (ma è uscito ad agosto), e pensavo la stessa cosa... secondo me pure Lucca sarà piena! (anche se io non farei mai un cosplay dove praticamente stai in mutande e magliettina a inizio novembre perché il rischio che faccia freddo è troppo elevato)

    adoro il look btw!

    1. Sì penso proprio che spopolerà sia ad Halloween che come cosplay in generale - basta dare uno sguardo su Instagram per vedere che Harley è gettonatissima!

      Felice che ti piaccia! :D ♥


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