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♕ Summer Most Played ♕

I haven't written any Most Played post during the last year - shame on me, shame on my cow. I don't even know why, these kind of posts are so fun to write and also to read. Anyway, after the longest time ever, I finally managed to put together and post one - yay me! #Teammostplayed power u.u

Before we get started, I want to explain how I'm going to handle & schedule my Most Played posts from now on. I'd love to post monthly like I used to - and like it is supposed to be - but I seem unable to do so (meaning that I tend to procrastinate and end up with two/three months piled up). Also I don't switch products that often, and when it happens it depends on new launches, personal necessities... Thus, I may not have new stuff to include each month - resulting in not-so-exciting posts.
That being said, I decided to post one Most Played every three months: basically it'll became a seasonal appointment where I'll gather all the products I used the most - both favourites and non favourites, mind you. I think this schedule will work better for me, let's start this new adventure with my Summer Most Played (I know I'm waaay late with this, but better later then never right?)

I have sooooo many things to show you, last summer was full of new entries & new favourites - I couldn't fit all the products in one picture!
Let's start with NABLA Cosmetics' most used products, they're quite a few!

 Since their launch at the end of May, I've been using all the shades I bought from the Blossom Blush and the Shade & Glow range. I use every blush on a rotation basis - depending on what I'm wearing, on my makeup or just my mood. Impulse is by far my favourite (top row, first on the right), Daisy and Beloved are very cute though! (Respectively first on the left and the one in the middle, top row)
Loving the highlighters too - also as eyeshadows! Can't pick a favourite between the two. (Bottom row: Angel is the first on the left, Baby Glow in the middle). Gotham (bottom row, first on the right) is the only sculpt shade I own - and I'm fine with that, I'm still trying to learn how to contour and this colour works just fine.
{Overview here}

The eyeshadows from the Mermaid Collection(*) were definitely my most used and also most loved items of the entire summer. Launched on July, I started using them right away - and I never stopped, basically. (Check out The Mermaid Series to see all the looks I created with them so far!)
After a couple of months, I must say I love all the shades included - apart from Chemical Bond, which still feels off topic. The new Celestial shadows are so good, add a special touch to any makeup; the "normal" shadows are great as usual, it's are to pick a favourite... I'd say I love Under Pressure and Calypso above all, plus Sensuelle and Selfish from the Celestial range. As well as the Superbright - Calypso is the first and only that feature this new texture and honestly, we need more eyeshadows like that - it's unbelievably beautiful! ♥ I really, really hope NABLA will introduce more Celestials and Superbrights in the winter collection *_* (Yeah I'm already dreaming of the new collection XD December is quite close after all!)
{Overview here}

Sticking to mermaid themed stuff, Spectrum Collections launched new Mermaid makeup brushes aka the BombShell Brush Set(*) ♥ Though they debuted on September the 23rd (so they should be included in the Autumn most played) I was so lucky to receive them way before the launch - giving me the opportunity to test and use them during the summer.
Needless to say, I love them - and not just because of their (beautiful) looks. I really like the quality, the details, the range, the super-soft bristles - everything. They surely made my summer! (Which, no doubt, will go down in history as the most mermazing summer ever!)
{Overview here}

Along with the new brushes, I also got Spectrum's unique brush soap - named Unicorn Horn Polish(*) Whoever suggests/invents these names, is a flipping genius XD
I've used it since then and it really changed my brush cleaning game - it's easy and very quick to use, just need to wet a brush, swirl it into the tin until it gets foamy, then rinse and repeat. Combined with the Brush Heart(*) I manage to clean all my brushes way quickly but still deeply. Easier done than said, seriously!

Moving to MAC Cosmetics stuff, I bought quite some stuff as you can see - all things I used almost every day!
The Brush Cleanser is my go-to cleanser when it comes for daily, spot cleaning. I'm running now again, need to repurchase asap! Most played product ever, since the very beginning.
After some year I purchased again Fix +, mostly to wet eyeshadows/pigments and make eyeliners - but also as a fixer, of course.
I also got some false lashes (the ones I used the most were n° 34 and n° 36, while I haven't used the individual ones yet) and the well known DUO lash glue.
I bought some eyeshadow and blending brushes - but I'm going to write a full post about them soon, so I'm not going to get down to the details.
Last but not least, I got the Eyebrow pencil in Strut - the perfect shade for me, being a redhead. And you can tell I used it everyday - just look at my looks for the past three months or so XD Love it, missing deeply its shade.

For my everyday makeu, I used a lot (and I mean, A LOT) another beautiful new entry in my stash: the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. Isn't it neat? *__*
Out of all the Naked palettes, this is surely the one the fits me and my style better. A lot of pinkish shades, a lot of shimmer/satin shadows and a couple of mattes for good measure. Whenever I need to get ready quickly, or if I wanted a soft, classy makeup, I just had to grab this beauty - the rest is history.
I need to write a full post about this palette too, I have so many thing to say (pros & cons, most liked shades and least liked shades...)! At the moment I'm very happy with it - a princess palette, perfect for any Damsel in (makeup) Distress! (Can you guess the quote? XD)

Now let's talk about beach products: sunscreen, aftersun - bare necessities for both humans and mermaids ;D (Which didn't fit in the main pic!)

This past summer I tried a new sunscreen - mind you, not because I really wanted to, but because my holy grail sunscreen was sold out. I chose the Sun lotion for Kids 50 SPF by Anthyllis - the only available option at the time - as I have to use sunscreens with a 50 SPF or even more, and that day everything else was sold out. I'll get right to the point: I didn't like it. Too fluid (and the top-down packaging doesn't help), not resistant to water, not 100% effective - I got some slight irritations the first couple of days. So it's a nope for me - I really wished I waited a bit and got a different sunscreen. Next year back to my holy grail aka the sunscreen by Alga Maris {review}, for Neptune's sake. 
Two products I also loved last year and I used again this summer are the AfterSun Lotion with Coconut & Monoi by Alkemilla and Brezza Luminosa/Radiant Breeze by Biofficina Toscana. The first one, as you can tell by its name, is an aftersun: soothing, fresh, moisturizing - with the most amazing and inebriating scent ever *_* 

Brezza Luminosa is a two-phase fluid, another soothing product with a glamorous twist: it's filled with small glitters and thus makes the skin sparkly *_* Nothing extreme - just a gentle shimmering effect that looks really lovely! It's an "all-over" product you can use on body, face and also hair - but I use it only on body and hair, spraying it whenever I felt the need and let it sink in. It's really refreshing and soothing, such a relief on those hot days. Love love love!

Lastly, another must have when it comes to summer products: my holy grail face primer, Avant Première Base Lissante Velour (Mattifying) by Couleur Caramel. I just can't deal with hot temperature without this primer - while I don't need it during wintertime, it's a "seasonal" product so to speak.
{First Impressions here}

That's all for Summer 2016! Congrats if you made it to the end XD
Any products in common? What's your top three most used products of this past summer?

Disclaimer: i prodotti contrassegnati dall'asterisco mi sono stati inviati gratuitamente a scopo valutativo dall'azienda / Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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  1. Ma che belli che sono quei pennelli della Spectrum!!! ❤
    Più li guardo e più mi piacciono! Devo dire poi che sono proprio i tuoi, hai fatto bene a prenderli!;)
    Ciao sirenetta! :*

    1. Grazie Aly! ♥ (In realtà li ho ricevuti, ma li avrei comprati di tasca mia in ogni caso, come dici tu sono proprio miei *____*)

  2. Quei pennelli sono una tentazione immane, li hai inseriti apposta per me, non è vero? XD <3

    1. Ovviamente XD Fammi sapere quando ordini, voglio sapere quale set scegli!! *__*

  3. Se c'è una cosa che compro molto poco volentieri sono le ciglia finte. Il fatto che poi debba buttarle non ammortizza affatto i prezzi, sono senza speranza... Ma qualsiasi makeup sembra così "vuoto" senza :<

    1. Concordo, aggiungono un tocco in più ad ogni makeup - io non riesco più a vivere senza! Però non è che vanno buttate dopo il primo uso, solo i ciuffetti sono usa e getta! Considera che quelle che sto usando attualmente le ho da Giugno... Con un paio ci faccio decine di utilizzi e le sfrutto per mesi! Basta averne cura, conservarle nella loro confezione e pulirle con massima cura dopo ogni singolo utilizzo... E ti dureranno parecchio, ammortizzando così la spesa iniziale! ;D

  4. Impulse è anche il mio preferito assieme a Daisy e a... Regal Mauve. Non pensavo ma quest'ultimo lo trovo versatile, è un colore che non mi sarei comprata a scatola chiusa, invece mi ci trovo da dio.
    Gotham lo amo.

    abbiamo in comune varie cose ovviamente... la Mermaid, alcuni pennelli... ma sai che il Fix+ a discapito del nome NON è un fissante? Credo che sia una delle cose più bizzarre di MAC!
    pure io sto meditando post pennellosi a iosa sto un po' ragionando come farli.

    ma quindi a te la Brezza luminosa è piaciuta? A me piace tanto l'odore ma quando l'ho provata in negozio permaneva 30 secondi... non mi ha convinto all'acquisto.

    1. Io Regal Mauve proprio non riesco a trovarlo interessante, sarà che io ho un rapporto conflittuale col malva...
      Gotham lo amo anche io ♥

      Sì me l'avevi detto XD Devo togliermi il vizio di considerarlo tale D:

      Moltissimo! Il profumo lo trovo persistente il giusto - ma sai che non amo le profumazioni troppo strong. Personalmente l'ho scelta più per la questione scintillio XD Ma poi ho finito per apprezzarla in toto! *_*


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