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♕ Summer 2017 Most Played ♕

Summer is officially over so it's time to wrap it up and see what I've used/loved the most during this past season! I'm a little late this time, but as you may already know I've just started makeup school so I'm still in the process of settling into my new daily routine.

This summer was filled with tons of new entries - at least, for my standards XD Eyeshadows, lipsticks, face products, glitters... One of everything, basically - and I don't even know where to start from XD

As always, all credits for the Most Played idea go to GoldenVi0let ♥

I guess I'll better start off with the biggest (in terms of size) new entry of the season: the latest collection by NABLA Cosmetics, Freedomination*. I've written two blog posts about it - one regarding the eye products (here) and one dedicated to the face products (here).
This collection is SO big and I did my best to use everything during these past months (I didn't include every single product in the picture for space reasons).

I've used the eyeshadows non-stop, all of them (I even managed to grab the last eyeshadow I was missing, Alchemy!), so much love for them ♥ I also loved the liquid liners, Purity* (mother-of-pearl) and Crystal (blue) - I really, REALLY wish they'd launch a full line of Dazzle Liners: the formula is amazing, high-performing and easy to apply. Klimt is a long time favourite and is the king of all liquid liners, of course I've used it during summer as well :p
Regarding the lip stuff, the shade I've used the most is Perfect Day* (Diva Crime), it's the one that suits me best and also the colour I like the more! Happytude* is my current favourite blush and Obsexed* is my go-to highlighter as of now (I use it on my face of course but also on my eyes as inner corner highlighter).
After more than two months I think this collection truly is bomb, fins... ahm, I mean, hands down. Wondering what they have in store for the winter collection *-*

Let's move on to another big new entry: Sugarpill eyeshadows! *___* Twelve shades in total, still missing the Pro Palette because it was sold out though T_T I've temporarily placed them in a Wycon empty palette I bought for this purpose (side note, in case you're wondering: yeah it's cheap and roomy, but not as sturdy as NABLA's palettes).
I'm not going to talk about them in depth yet, as I'm preparing a haul post with swatches and stuff ;D So forgive me for the suspense, but they do really deserve a blog post on their own! meanwhile, if you click (and thus enlarge) the picture on the left, you'll be able to see each shadow's name. Let me know which ones intrigue you the most :D

Now some odds and ends! I've switched from a mineral foundation I've been using for years and years to a liquid foundation - Pro Longwear in NW15 by MAC Cosmetics. I'm really really happy with it - high performing, extremely long lasting, matches perfectly my skin (thankfully I didn't need to buy two different shades to mix them) and weightless. Please note: it's made for combination/oily skin only! If you have normal or dry skin, just avoid it - it would only dry it out. When I bought I had combination skin (as usual during warmer seasons) - however now my skin is drier so I need to switch again and I'll get the nourishing versions as soon as I use this one up.

Other MAC stuff I've used and loved: my newest lipstick in the shade Brave (Satin) and my current mascara, Extended Play Gigablack Mascara - both suggested by my favourite mua, Moreno Salerno ♥
Brave is my mlbb (my lips but better) lipstick and I wear it on a daily basis. Looks like someone has managed to recreate the exact shade of my lips in a lipstick form, it's simply perfect *_*
Regarding the mascara, he recommended me this one because of its small-sized wand - best-suited for my short lashes. Needless to say, he was so right XD I also love the formula, thin, fluid and pitch-black - which dries out perfectly (so my lashes don't stick on my sunglasses XD) and it's also easy to remove from the skin if you accidentally mess up.

Moving on, let's talk about black eyeliners! I currently have two and I tenderly love them both *_*
The first one I got is the Tattoo Liner in Trooper by Kat Von D Beauty, which I think I bought in April, if my memory serves me right. This is one of the most famous KVD products ever - and now that I use it, I can totally see why. It's fintastic - long lasting and high performing, with the thinnest brush tip which allows to create both basic winged lines but also more graphical styles.
The second one is considered a great alternative to Trooper (and it is, honestly): Epic Ink Liner* by NYX Cosmetics. I received this one about two months ago and I've been alternating these two constantly since then. This one in even blacker, has the thinnest brush tip and the formula is slightly more fluid which makes it quicker to apply (but also need much more accuracy). Love both of them, in case you're wondering XD

Last but not least, glitters! You've already seen my GlitterTubes pressed glitters (here's the haul post) and you've seen them in action during these past six months plenty of times. My most used shades are Brassic, Dory, Splash, Chewee, Sonic, Darling - but I've used every single one a lot, except for Crown (the duller gold) which I don't really like that much.
Anyway, highly recommended, I'm planning to place an order to get more - they are going to launch their own empty, holographic palette and I definitely need to get it so I can store all the pans together in the same place (and bring them at school with me more easily).

Speaking of glitters, I've been also using some loose glitters by Glitter Palace - I didn't write any haul post since I got just for pots, but I will as soon as I get more! They're all SO pretty and I can't even pick my favourite! Shades are Aretha (the purple one), Bey (gold), Billie (large turquoise, pink and purple) and Bob (light blue & pink). They have tons of shades and shapes, I want more XD Even the simplest makeup looks immediately becomes enchanting with a pop of these glitters *_*

Of course with this type of glitters you need a glue. I've been using my DUO lash glue and it works, but it's a little bit uncomfortable to wear on your lids. So I'll probably get a proper glitter glue asap - which helps pressed glitters applications, as it allows to achieve a full covered glittering effect.

That's it for my summer most played/used/loved products! ♥
Any products in common?
Which products did you use the most during this past summer?

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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