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♕ Review ♕ Spectrum Collections ~ The BombShell Brush Set ♕

{Disclaimer: this review features a product I got for free as press sample. I'd like to thank Spectrum Collections for the opportunity, anyway my evaluation policy doesn't change and is always based on real use and in-depth testing of the product(s)}

After about six months of testing, it's now time to review this true mermaid treasure: the BombShell Brush Set by the one and only Spectrum Collections. I already wrote an in-depth preview back on September (here!) with tons of comparisons; today I'm going to tell you my ultimate thoughts about this set, so if you need any comparison just check the preview ♥ 

This set includes 12 brushes: 6 face brushes and 6 eyes/lip brushes; when purchasing it, you can choose between two different cases options: a brush roll named Oyster Roll, or a beautiful clam shaped case, just like the Glam Clam's one. I received just the brushes so I can't show neither of the two - but, if you ask me, I'd absolutely choose the shell case (which, unfortunately, it's not sold individually. But the Oyster Roll can be bought individually!). Unlike the Glam Clam's one, the Bombshell case comes with a detachable chain - meaning you can use it as an handbag AND as a cross-body bag. 

This set features a new and unique colour way: soft pink on the handles, light bristles with bright fuchsia tips, rose gold ferrules with matching serigraphy. So far, my favourite colour combination, alongside the Glam Clam's ♥_♥
I really love how each set has its own colour scheme and how perfectly it represents a different mermaid. The classic, Ariel-style mermaid is represented by the Glam Clam; the Siren Set embodies the dangerous and mysterious sirens, while this set gives me so many mermaid princess vibes!

One peculiarity of these brushes is their size: the handles are shorter than usual, as you can see in the picture on the left. But the heads are full sized, as you can tell, which makes them a nice hybrid: not really a travel size set - but still easy to carry around and store in a small bag, and yet efficient as any normal-sized set. Definitely a win-win, I'm not a fan of short handles but I must admit, these are the perfect size for everything! You may just need a less deeper holder (or, in my case, mug) - but it's not a big deal for sure XD 

Overall, just like any other brush from this brand, these beauties are really great great quality. I'm extremely picky when it comes to brushes - but these are practically perfect in any way. 
Let's start from the top aka the bristles: not even one fell off during these past months. Not-even-one. (I wish I could say the same regarding my 224 brush by MAC -.-')
They're so soft and velvety, the colour is still bright as day 1. They're easy to clean, both with any spot cleaner such as the Brush Cleanser by MAC, or a deep cleaner such as Spectrum's Unicorn Horn Polish, a coconut solid soap (which I need to review too, actually). So don't be afraid to use them - I know they look so pretty and it almost feels bad to get them dirty, but I assure you they won't get stained!

The rose gold ferrules are sturdy and resistant, the metal is still shiny and the rose gold shade is still rich. Same goes for the handles - and the serigraphy is still intact, it haven't started fading yet! (If you want to protect the writing, apply a coat of clear nail polish or a clear protective paint!)
Basically brand new after six month, despite being used on a daily basis!

The brush range is well assorted in my opinion. There's a brush for nearly everything - although I'd added an eyeliner or a brow brush (but that's a personal preference, as I use those kind of brushes everyday).

The price point is not bad: more expensive than the Glam Clam (which contains two brushes less) but less pricey than the Siren Set. It's not a cheap brush set, but quality has its price - and trust me, these are worth every penny!

Now let's see each brush in detail!

(You can't actually see it from the picture - but the bottom of the mug is packed with pearls, so the brushes don't sink into XD)

(Small guide to Spectrum brushes' code: the letters indicate whether it's an Application brush, a Buffing/Blending brush or a Contouring brush. Sometimes the brushes' name slightly changes, or some brush is listed differently in the sets - that's why the codes come really handy).

Luxe Powder (A00)"Our new A00 'Luxe Powder' has the largest head of the whole range, it's beautifully soft, yet still dense enough to pick up a lot of product, whether you like to finish with translucent powder or a flash of bronzer, this beaut will leave you looking flawless."

The biggest brush of the set - yet it has the perfect size to apply finishing powder. It's SO dense and soft and velvety *___* Applies finishing powders flawlessly - and quickly! Just a couple of swipes and you're ready to go! It picks up the right amount of powder and releases it evenly. Great as all over brush too! 

Tulip Powder (C03): "Designed for precision application of powder or cream formulas. This brush with it's tapered tip is perfect for contouring around the hairline with a darker shade, and adding highlights to the brow bone, cheek bones, and lightly along the bridge of the nose. Use this little beauty to add the finishing touches to a professionally contoured face, for a flawless selfie."

Although this beautiful drop-shaped brush is meant to be for contouring purposes, I love using it as a blush brush or as powder brush. The gentle point makes it more precise than a domed brush, so it allows you to apply finishing powder easier on small, hard-to-reach zones... As blush brush, it gives a soft, smooth application - still with ease and precision.
I also use it to contour my face, or to blend the darker shade if applied with a different brush!

Angled Foundation (A02)"The unique angle of this brush applies foundation with ease to every area of the face. The densely packed bristles work best with liquid or cream products and make your foundation go further, giving a slightly heavier coverage than a buffing foundation brush. This brush is also great for applying cream contour products, use the finer angled edge for precise application."

I haven't used it that much, because I prefer flat brushes for my foundation - nevertheless, I really appreciate it. It's unconventional shape and relatively small size make it very precise, and the bristles density gives a nice coverage... And, by the way, works perfectly fine with powder foundations too XD I tend to reach for it whenever I need a stronger coverage, and it's very effective.  

Flat Top Contour (C02)"A new take on our best selling Flat Top Buffer, this beauty will help to really buff and blend your contouring with precision, specifically underneath cheekbones and the jaw. Your selfies will look all the better for it. Suitable for cream, liquid & powder formulas, build for a heavy contoured look, buff for a more natural sculpt"

My go-to brush to contour my cheekbones (or better, to contour my cheeks in order to give the illusion of having cheekbones XD). It's very precise and exact, if you overdo it'll draw quite sharp lines - so use it with a gentle, light hand. Or, use it with a buffing motion if you need a soft application and/or really want to be safe XD

Precision Blush (A05)"Create beautifully shaded and highlighted cheekbones with our Precision Blush Brush. This tool is perfect for applying a small amount of product and building to get a natural looking blended finish. An essential piece of kit, this brush will change the way you apply colour to your cheeks for the better."

This is the least-used brush of the whole set - but it's just because I'm not into angled blush brush. I prefer drop-shaped or rounded shaped blush brush. Anyway this brush works just fine, you can really build up the colour with it - not harsh or heavy results! Perfect for beginners in my opinion ;D

Luxe Blender (B05)"Use the new B05 Luxe Blender to create beautifully blended eye looks, buff in precise contour around the nose, highlight the brow bone, or buff in your concealer, this beauty is multi-functional."

This has quickly become my essential, must have brush to apply highlighters - especially the stubborn aka the less pigmented ones. Thanks to its size, shape and thicknesses, it's beyond perfect to highlight everything.

Colour Applicator (A07)"The bristles on this brush are still soft and fluffy for blending, but the stubby shape means you can really pack on the colour. This brush is the perfect starting point for creating super smokey eyes or very pigmented colour."

It's supposed to be an eyeshadow brush - but I prefer flatter and slimmer brushes for that purpose. I use it for my lower lids, as a blending brush - because its shape makes it perfect for that. Blends the colours really well! I also use it sometimes to highlight my brow bone or to contour my nose. 

Short Smudge (A13)"This beautiful brush is the perfect tool for applying powder or cream eye shadow around the lash line, to get a soft & smudgy effect. The short bristles are feathered, so you can build the colour to be as intense as you like."

Another essential brush, for my lower lids. Unlike the previous brush, which I consider its bigger brother, this one is perfect to apply shadows on the lids. I tend to use it exclusively on my lower lids because of its small size - which makes it perfect to reach and follow easily the lashline. Also, being so soft it doesn't itch and thus it doesn't make me blink XD
I also use it for cut-creasing - again its small size allow to be really precise, allowing to draw thin, sharp lines very easily.

Fluffy Pencil (A12)"This small but perfectly formed brush is the best tool for adding the finer details to your eye looks. Use to highlight the inner corners, add depth of colour to the crease, or smoke and blend out the upper and lower lash line. This little beauty gets in all the right places."

Probably my favourite brush of the whole set XD It's a pencil brush - but it's quite dense and rounded, unlike for example the one from the Marbleous set, which is pointy and sooo fluffy.
I love it because it helps build the colours - that's why I use it to deepen the outer corner, or to achieve a strong, pigmented inner corner highlight. It's one of those brushes I use in almost every makeup look, everyday. #musthave

Tall Tapered Blender (B06)"Our most popular eye blending brush, this is the ultimate tool for creating all kinds of make-up looks, from soft and romantic to full blown sexy and smokey. Use to blend out colour or build up shade in the contours of the eye, this brush can do no wrong."

I have four of these blending brush and I love them all XD I use them daily, basically I rotate them, making sure I always have at least one of them clean - so I don't run out XD 

Winged Definer (A14)"This beauty is perfect for those with fuller brows who want to keep them in check...the larger head and firm bristles make applying gel, wax or powder products easy peasy, perfect application every time, after all....never trust anyone with bad brows. Or for those who love a defined eye, this little beauty gets right into the lash line for precise and easy application of gel liner, use the pointed edge to get a fierce flick."

My backup eyebrow brush - for whenever the one from the Siren Set is dirty XD It's wider but has a thinner cut, so it's very precise. I confirm that it works nicely with both gel and powder products! I also tried it for eyeliner purposes - but it's a tad too wide for my taste. But, I must admit, it's perfect to achieve dramatic winged liner styles XD

Lip Liner (A15)"The firm, flat bristles of the lip liner brush are perfect for defining and filling the lips. The tapered tip allows for precise application before filling your pout with your fave lip products."

Another essential and super-duper favourite from this set. Despite being a lip brush, I LOVE using it for smaller applications! I use it to draw lines, to define cut crease, to clean edges, on my inner corners... Oh, and to apply lipsticks too sometimes XD Joking, but it's so multitasking that I cannot live without it. It has the perfect combination of bristles firmness/elasticity, shape and size for all the purposes listed above. It's just great. Must have. Holy grail. 
(Okay I'll stop it now, I think you got it XDDD)
NameBombShell 12 Piece Brush Set
Brand: Spectrum Collections 
What is it?: Brush set that contains 12 face/eye brushes. Comes with two different case options.
Price: 79,99 £
Other: Vegan & Cruelty Free; "No unicorns were harmed in the making of Spectrum Brushes"
Where to buyWebsite 
Pros: High quality, soft and perfectly cut bristles. Sturdy ferrules/handles. Lovely colour scheme.
Cons: None

Top or Flop?: Top, of course!
Do I Recommend It?: I absolutely do! Must have for every real life mermaid - or any mermaid lover ;D

Final Rating: 6 out of 6 shells

I haven't found any cons, so my rating is the highest!
I really recommend this set, especially if you need handbag friendly brushes!
Hope you find this post useful! ♥

Do you own the Bombshell already? Which brush case did you choose?
Stay tuned for my first impressions about the Duo Fiber Set, coming up soon!

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes ♥

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