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♕ Empties #10 ♕

Another series I've neglected during the past months, along with the Most Played, is this one - regarding the used-up products. I just kept procrastinating and procrastinating - but now, after one year, I'm ready to get back on track. I kept almost all the empties in a bag (I just threw away most of the doubles) so I'm able to show you what I used up... And I'll try to be more consistent in the upcoming months ^^"

Quite a bunch of stuff, uh? Not that much though, as I tend to purchase the same products over and over again, if I really like them. In fact, most of the products shown here are actually some of my holy grails

The Salvia & Limone (sage and lemon) Shampoo by La Saponaria is definitely one of them. I've bought countless packs during the past year and a half, and I still love it as the first day ♥ It's the best shampoo for my needs - I'm so glad that it still works nicely even on my dyed hair (when I first started using it, my hair wasn't dyed yet). It's for oily hair and I have barely oily-to-normal hair, but since it's not aggressive I can safely use it and keeps my hair clean for one week.
For a short amount of time, when I firstly dyed my hair, I used the BioShampoo Restituivo by EOS Secondo Natura - which is my second favourite shampoo ever. Contrary to the previous one, this one is for dry/dyed hair - I bought it thinking my newely dyed hair could use a specific shampoo. It worked just fine, keeping my hair clean for one week too - plus it has such a good scent *____* 
I've used another shampoo by EOS Secondo Natura - the BioShampoo Attivo (not shown in picture). I had run out of my shampoo, everything was sold out, so I chose this one - thinking it was for oily hair, but it was not. So no wonder it didn't work on me! 
Another two must haves in my hair care routine are two products by Biofficina Toscana: the Anti-Frizz Lotion / Lozione Anti-Crespo is absolutely essential and irreplaceable: I used to have frizzy hair in the past - but I don't anymore. Not even slightly. Just a couple of sprays on wet hair right before drying it - that's all I need to have non-frizzy and shining hair. I keep repurchasing it with no hesitation.
The other one is my favourite conditioner so far - the Protective and Volumising Conditioner. It's very effective - nourishing and untangling - but not heavy, and leaves the hair soft and light. 

Moving to skincare, I finally used up Rose Jam shower gel by Lush - I had one big bottle that lasted sooo much XD I ended up being a little tired of it, even though I really liked the scent. I switched to the Natural Shower Gel Apricot & Elderflower by Benecos, which I really enjoyed, loving apricot scent! Now I'm trying a different fragrance (Pomegranate & Rose), I think I will stick to this product for quite some time.
I used up two packs of the Shaving Gel by Biofficina Toscana - which I reviewed here. Just to recap, the two bottles seemed to contain almost two different product - a true gel the first, a too-much-fluid product the second. I think they must have changed something in the formula, making it way too fluid, hard to handle. This is why I didn't repurchased it and I'm looking for something else to try.

I've used up two bottles of the Red Berry Micellar Solution by Biofficina Toscana - and the third one is on its way, almost empty too. I reviewed it here (just in Italian though, sorry everyone!), it's my favourite makeup removed I tried so far and I'm definitely going to buy a fourth bottle!
One product I will miss so so much is the Hemp Coconut lipbalm by Epic Blend. Seriously holy grail material - but it's sold out at my local store and I'm pretty sure it's not available elsewhere here in Italy ç_ç They don't know when and if they're going to restock - so I need to find something else meanwhile. Super duper sigh T_T 

Lastly, makeup stuff. Le Film Noir by NABLA Cosmetics is my favourite mascara since its launch basically (on December 2014 I think). I think I've used up, like, four bottle of it during the past year - I finished one just a couple of days ago but I already had a backup ready to be used. I need to review it asap! 
I've being using the Shadow Insurance Original eye primer by Too Faced for about one year and a half I think. I bought it blindly but it was a total success (thanks God XD). Already repurchased, of course, I don't feel the need to try anything else. 
I've also used up a full jar of mineral foundation - it always feels neverending XD This is the mineral foundation in "Fair" shade by the late  MWW4U/Jade Minerals - I've a couple of jar left (I stocked up back then), so I'm sticking with it for now. 
Last but not least, a couple of things by MAC Cosmetics (not shown in picture): two or three bottles of Brush Cleanser, false lashes n° 7 (which I really miss) and Eye Brows in Spiked aka my former brow pencil.

Bonus: for the first time in forever I've been using nail polish - I reshaped my nails and now I'm really enjoying nail polish, like I never did before actually. I needed a remover and I borrowed the one my mom always use - the Nail Polish Remover (acetone free) by Avril. Works really nice, I've already bought a couple of bottles (mom and I just share) of it!

Aaaand... that's it for now! I probably forgot something - but I'm glad I managed to keep track of these products at least XD

Any products in common? What have you used up recently?


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  1. Ma che carino questo post! Lungo giusto, con il giusto brio anche se non nella tua lingua madre.. e interessante! Brava Ariel, vederti postare così spesso è una vera gioia!

    1. Grazie tesoro ♥ Per me è veramente piacevole avere modo di scrivere più spesso, anche se non nella mia lingua madre ;D

  2. cioè tu hai mezzo back to MAC pronto almeno?
    ah però!
    io ne ho recentemente fatti due e giusto oggi ho finito un pezzo (e ne ho un altro paio già pronti), è una bella soddisfazione!

    per la depilazione hai pensato a Bio Marina? Forse ne avevamo parlato ma ne ho sentito davvero belle cose...

    io sarei curiosa di provare l'acqua micellare Biofficina ma... ho paura XD

    1. Avevo! Se ci fai caso tutto ciò che ho citato di MAC è assente in foto... Perché ho già fatto il Back2MAC XD Quando ho preso Chatterbox, ricordi?
      Ora come ora ho da finire la Strut e un altro flacone di Cleanser... Un po' presto per pensare al prossimo B2M XD

      Eccome! Però nella mia bioprofumeria di fiducia non tengono il brand, dovrei ordinare online ma continuo a procrastinare...

      Eventualmente posso spedirtene un sample! Così provi (magari su un occhio solo prima XD) e vedi!


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