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♕ The Mermaid Series ~ Mermaid Heart ♕
{Inspired by Laura Beth ~ @theclassicalmua}

Today's look is inspired by one of my favourite artist on Instagram: Laura Beth aka @theclassicalmua - check her out because she's so flipping skilled, her looks are always stunning (and her live streams are the best)!

I saw this beautiful and stunning heart makeup on her page I while back, the only thing that held me back from trying it out right away was the presence of glitters... which I didn't have. But, one day, I found some fine craft glitters that looked perfect for the purpose, so I took the plunge and tried! 

"Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a mermaid.
Then always be a mermaid!"

(Laura Beth @theclassicalmua on Instagram)

Laura's version features all blue shades and a slender heart - but I decided to go for more mermaid shades, thus I chose aqua, green and teal for my look. My heart came out larger but I didn't mind at all - it just meant I could use more glitters, which was good XD I named this look "Mermaid Heart" because I think it represents pretty well the glittering heart of a mermaid :D

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember that at first I posted a "stronger" version at first, where the heart was way more defined and neat, and then a softer version were the shape was more blended. Basically I did the softer version first, took pictures, then went back and enhanced the heart shape - and took pictures again. At the very beginning I liked the accentuated version better but, on a second thought (and after comparing the pictures) I decided I preferred the first, softer version... And this is the only one I am featuring today in this post! (Hope all of this makes sense XD)

After priming my lids I designed the heart shape using a white eyepencil, as I needed some sort of guide. I started off by working on the blending using three different eyeshadows by Makeup Geek Cosmetics: I applied Shore Thing, the lightest one, first - then I intensified the blending using Dragonfly and, lastly, I used Shark Bait to draw the actual heart shape. Easier said than done: I took me a while to achieve the right blending, and a lot of "wax on, wax off".
Once I was happy with that, I used Under Pressure eyeshadow by NABLA Cosmetics to enhance the heart outline. I filled the heart using a Foiled eyeshadow by MUG, Pegasus. (Please note: this process included both upper and lower lids!)

Time to add glitters! Since I don't own any proper glitter glue I applied a layer of lash glue all over where I applied Pegasus - then I applied the glitters using a flat brush and pressing them on the glue. I kept adding and adding until I was satisfied (they're SO fine, you can barely see them in the pictures ç_ç).
On the inner corner I applied a mix of two eyeshadows by NABLA: Luna and Snowberry; on the brow bone, as always, I applied Antique White.
I couldn't skip the eyeliner, I draw a pretty thick winged line using - as usual - my favourite mineral black pigment mixed with some drops of Fix +. On the lower waterline, though, I decided to apply a teal eyepencil instead of the black one I always use (as thought it wouldn't match the look as nicely as the teal one).
Final touches: false lashes, mascara and eyebrows ♥

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
- Neve Cosmetics Pastello Occhi in Piuma/White (as a white base)
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadows in "Luna" and "Snowberry" (inner corner)
NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadows in "Babylon" and "Under Pressure"* (heart outline)
- Makeup Geek Cosmetics Foiled Eyeshadow in "Pegasus" (to fill the heart)
- Makeup Geek Cosmetics Eyeshadows in "Dragonfly" and "Shark Bait" (heart blending)
- Makeup Geek Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Shore Thing(transition colour)
- NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in "Antique White" (brow bone)
- Neve Cosmetics Pastello Occhi in Bosco/teal (waterline)
Jade Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow in "Black" (used wet as eyeliner*discontinued*
- NABLA Cosmetics "Le Film Noir" Mascara
MAC Cosmetics False Eyelashes n° 34
- DUO White Eyelash Adhesive
- Random craft glitters


- NABLA Cosmetics Brow Pot in "Mars"*


- 239 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 217 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 213 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 224 ~ MAC Cosmetics
- 2x Short Smudge (A13)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set*, BombShell Set*)
- 2x Fluffy Pencil (A12)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Marbleous Set*, BombShell Set*)
- Large Fluffy Shader (A06) ~ Spectrum Collections (Siren Set)
- Tall Tapered Blender (B06) ~ Spectrum Collections (Siren Set)
- Glossy Liner Neve Cosmetics *discontinued*
- Accent Brush ~ Real Techniques
- 3x Lip Liner (A15)* ~ Spectrum Collections (Bombshell Set*, Siren Set, Glam Clam)

I hope you like this look!
Don't forget to check Laura's page out! ;D

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes
*Disclaimer: Starred products are press samples, sent by respective brands for me to test and review.

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